Algorithmic Breakbeat Generator

Block-based Beat Generator

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1.0 (Updated 5 years ago)
February 12, 2016
Reaktor 6
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(Credit to Joey Valizan for the 16xfoursteps Block)

Hi everyone, sorry for the long delay on Euro Reakt updates (new Blocks soon!). In the meantime, here's an ensemble that I showed at the Los Angeles Native Sessions talk in November. I'm hoping that video gets uploaded soon. I would like to post my own video on how to build something similar, so I would like to get to that after this next set of deadlines.

This ensemble pack is sort of a tutorial on how to use Blocks to generate complicated rhythms. It starts with a basic clock generator attached to a step sequencer that triggers Euro Reakt Drum Blocks. From there, each ensemble progressively adds a complication.

To use the primary ensemble (Breakbeat Generator.ens) or anything containing a Burst Generator, click "Gate" on the Burst Generator to start the beat, and "Kill" to stop it. The primary ensemble also contains a number of snapshots to show off how flexible this design is (and, furthermore, why you would want to go through the trouble of building an algorithmic generator instead of simply programming the sequence by hand!).

BONUS: For a lot of fun, delete the cable between FIRST on the Burst Generator and RESET on the 16xfoursteps Block. Click "RESET" manually on the 16xfoursteps Block before starting the Burst Generator. This will generate more complicated, less predictable beats.


Artem Moroz
9 months ago
Thank You VerY MUCH!!!
Alastair Jackson
2 years ago
Only thing that is not clear to me is why the FFD out is connected to the mod inputs of the 16x4steps and the AD/VCA of the synth voice, as there doesn't appear to be any modulation of these in any of the snapshots.
Karim El Morr
4 years ago
Does anyone know a solution to sync the burst generator to your daw?
Javier Casas
5 years ago
This one should be included in any library updates as a stepping stool for people less skilled wanting to learn #blocks
tim h
5 years ago
my god, do i love your work.