MK2k Oscillator

Variable shape multiwave oscillator

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February 18, 2016
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Variable shape multiwave oscillator based on a highly successful early 2000s digital synthesizer lineage.

This is only an approximation, some changes are made for simplicity or convenience. For example, FM is now available for all wave shapes, so the sine wave gains mirror/fold shaping similar (but not identical) to the triangle's.

Features 7 waveforms, each with it's own unique shape control. Notably:
Sawtooth with bi-phase modulation
Triangle and Sine with mirror/fold shapers
Formant sawtooth - admittedly more akin to the Radias formant wave than the Micro's
Digiwave - 4-op FM mode, the parameters of which are abstracted from a 7-bit number derived from the Shape control. This was just an easy way to quickly generate a range of complex waveforms which are also great material for FM carriers or modulators.

Known Issues:
- Shadow from FM knob can sometimes get in the way of Shape's A/B modulation sliders...
- CPU usage is a little high. I would like to implement some optimizations, e.g. SR switching for various internal oscillators or more shared phase drivers.


Brett Lavallee
5 years ago
Sounds great. The Digi and vocal waves are really nice.