Turing Machinery: Horror Patches

Two Turing Machines scaring each other

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February 22, 2016
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I've a clear fascination with this Turing Machine block by Michael Hetrick. He recently stated that it can actually be used as an oscillator as well. To be honest, I probably have no idea what this block really is, or if this patch is even correctly wired. But the sounds that are being generated by it are wildly fascinating.

If you load this ensemble, be careful with your volume! There are a handful of snapshots included. Most of which take quite some time to evolve. Also one of the snapshots sounds like birds paired with someone tapping on a plastic bucket. So if you need that sort of thing you're in luck.

Thanks to Michael Hetrick for the TM tip, and for making this curious block.


Greg Killmaster
1 year ago
This is way better than I even imagined in the beginning. I just sit and listen to it for hours at times. Man o man.
3 years ago
It's really good, trippy sounds.. cool Turing designs as well. Thanks a lot.
Michael Hetrick
3 years ago
Hi Brice, for your reading pleasure, here's the documentation for the original hardware Turing Machine from Music Thing Modular: http://musicthing.co.uk/modular/?page_id=21 The "Reading List" is especially nice, since it puts the module in historical context. Essentially, it generates a "random" voltage through the manipulation of an 8-bit signal. The hardware version is truly random, since it uses analog white noise as an input. The Block version is pseudo-random, since everything is generated through code. Regardless, both of them operate and feel roughly the same.
brice beasley
3 years ago
Thanks Greg and Rick. Glad you are enjoying it.
Greg Killmaster
3 years ago
I love this and it randomizes fairly well too! Thank you for it!
rick scott
3 years ago
Sweet. :-)