Mono Room Sculpt

Room Sculptor w/ Real-World Measurements

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1.0 (Updated 5 years ago)
February 28, 2016
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Delay based


Here's something that I've been secretly working on in the background, but after a while realized that it would be overwhelming as a project.

My final realization for this effect would be in full stereo, with the ability to move both emitters (Speakers) around in a room, governed by real-world measurements, (I use Feet because I'm in USA), with wall material, and being able to calculate all (or many) reflections that would happen with various controls to be able to "tune" or "model" the room how you would like it to sound.
This would mean you could get reverbs, as well as long delays.

Considering this works on feet, and the speed of sound (being rounded to 1130ft/sec) it's interesting how a 10ft x 10ft closet, sounds, or a 50ft x 60ft living room sounds.

I give this out to the community to do whatever it is you want with it, twist it, play with it, reverse engineer it (not much to reverse engineer

You will note that if you look inside, I have setup the preliminary steps to consider in the 3rd dimension, with Height and an XY for Height positioning in the room, however I guess it's not useful atm, so I hid it from the panel view.

I will answer comments on this upload, however if you guys are really into it and want to start a forum thread, be my guest I will participate.

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Jonathan Tremblay


Jonathan Tremblay
5 years ago
Right, I forgot about the How to Use. So to start off, choose the size of your room by turning the "Length" and "Width" knobs in the "Room Calc" macro. Next if you want, you can move the Listener and/or the Emitter by moving the crosses in their appropriate macros. This changes their position in according to the room, and each other. Finally refer to the "Mixer" macro to change the different levels, Direct sound to Super Late diffusion. all the other bells and whistles are there to smoothen or alter the sounds of the room, and how it's reacting to the sound coming from the emitter. The "Wall Material" is used to change the frequency response of the room, such as to emulate different materials it could be made of.
Lowe Zwei
5 years ago
Very interesting! How to use it?
Jonathan Tremblay
5 years ago
I was thinking of putting it in Test Area, however at the moment it is useable as an effect, even if there are no presets, I have made 2 Material presets, and it's fairly easy to setup a sound. Might take a little tinkering though, but not as much as my Morphophone.
Jonathan Tremblay
5 years ago
If I could realize this to how I originally planned it to be, it might just be my pièce de résistance.