Bezyeah Waveshaper

Asymmetric Bézier Curve Audio Shaper

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1.3d (Updated 9 months ago)
March 02, 2016
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Asymmetric bézier curve based distortion effect

Watch your levels: usage of the offered waveshaper is at your own risk.

Alter the transfercurve of the waveshaper by dragging the control points. Doubleclick on the editor area to reset the curve to its default state.

Keep in mind that this is an audio table based shaper and pretty simple without oversampling and with much aliasing.. actually I tried to implement the Infite Oversampling Method by Efflam Le Bivic.. but failed.. so at least I gave it a Block treatement..

Version history
1.3d (24-07-2020)
- Fix positions of visible ports

1.3c (30-05-2019)
- Make ports visble on B view

1.3b (2018-11-08)
- Replace bg image with colored multi display and fix b view

1.3 (2016-10-05)
- Block treatement..

1.0 (2016-03-02)
- Initial release


Jan Ola @ NI
8 months ago
Hi Loowps, I noticed your Block is compatible with Racks, so I have assigned it to our new category "Blocks (Rack-Ready)".
Moshe Banano
1 year ago
hi pule I think I solve the problem with the aliasing I will upload it soon
Efflam Le Bivic
4 years ago
note : you could use the antialiasing technique as I demonstrated for math shapers by storing the integrated version of your curve in the table instead of the curve itself. The first version I drafted was actually with a table. Means for each update of the curve you need to rewrite the whole table and not just one value.
matty Krosschell
5 years ago
Omar Misa
5 years ago
Tee hee, yes it does offer multiple waveshaping transfers. Provided, of course, one uses only one instance of Bezyeah per ensemble.
5 years ago
Thanks Omar! Does v1.0b/v1.1 solve your issues?
Omar Misa
5 years ago
Distorts the sound nicely. i found an issue with multiple instances, however. i tried crossfading between two that had the same input and gave them unique curves. The curves in each would update to the one last edited, and the output reflected this. ie. the same waveshaping would be applied.