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Goban sounds and noises

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March 09, 2016
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In about an hour (8:00 PST March 8, 2016), an historic match will begin between a program - AlphaGo - and a human - Lee Sedol. Lee is one of the top Go players today. AlphaGo is a neural net. The stakes are high - $1 million in prize money, and the pride that, so far, no machines have ever beaten the top human players at Go.

5 matches will be played over the next few days. You can watch them streaming live now here:

or later on the DeepMind channel:

Here are 72 sound samples (in a sample map) I made with my Goban that could accompany the game. The sounds are stone strikes, slides, swirling bowl noises and a Goban resonance.


3 years ago
Really nice sounds, thank you.
Ken Kovach
3 years ago
Very creative Jim! But I am sad - I was rooting for my fellow human. :(
3 years ago
AlphaGo won - Lee Sedol resigned!
Omar Misa
3 years ago
Thanks for the alert, Jim!