Generative acid madness from the Native Sessions ADE panel

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1.0 (Updated 6 years ago)
March 10, 2016
Reaktor 6
Blocks Ensembles


DevineAcid is an abstract rhythmic acid percussion machine. It’s a really flexible environment that uses clock dividers, probability gates, 8 STEPS and randomness in a musical way. You can define some parameters and it will go ahead and generates really intricate rhythmic results for you. Probability rules keep the rhythm changing constantly over time. Especially fun with odd time signatures like 5/4 or 7/4.

Uses Blocks from the internal Reaktor library along with some from the User Library -- especially from Michael Hetrick’s “EuroReakt” collection.

I presented this patch at the Native Sessions Reaktor panel at ADE.


Andrei Marchenko
6 years ago
Sad but... processor overload
Graham Street
6 years ago
Absolutely fantastic
ivanoraffaele pallone
6 years ago
processor overload
Andreas Maerki
6 years ago
Thanks Richard!
Michael Fitzsimmons
6 years ago
Ha ha ha, I'm download 909 :p great patch Rich!
year zero
6 years ago
Richard Devine
6 years ago
Thanks guys lots more coming :-)
Kevin Karlberg
6 years ago
Such quality from Richard Devine
carlos cruz
6 years ago
romulo farias
6 years ago
David De Castro
6 years ago
Very nice ! Thanks Mr. Devine :)
Ivan Shopov
6 years ago
jason corder
6 years ago
great stuff - thanx for postn' this!