Sample Mangler

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1.0 (Updated 6 years ago)
March 24, 2016
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sampler


Slicy sample mangler with a couple of extra mod sequencers thrown in
skin, additional processing and presets by Brett Lavallee


david elson
6 years ago
Beatrix will be blocked... Just waiting for her sister to catch up...
andreas haun
6 years ago
very nice. any chance to get this as a block ?
Felix Petrescu
6 years ago
very very cool:) lotsa fun.
Brett Lavallee
6 years ago
By the way, thanks to Michael Hetrick, for the Dust generator used (a feature I added.) The generator works within the filter as an FM effect, so its sound will vary greatly depending on the filter type and settings. For those brave enough to modify the internal structure, it could be given its own output, and its maximum intensity could be increased.
Brett Lavallee
6 years ago
Thanks again, Dave. This thing is really awesome.
Greg Killmaster
6 years ago
Fantastic! Love this a lot. thank you!