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Non Academic Uncertainty

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March 26, 2016
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Non Academic Uncertainty Noise Maker. It is a remix of the drone box ensemble by Bronto Scorpio. A circuit bent version. A random noise maker. Some of the inners may not be correct because I do not know what I am doing, but through trial and error I have finished here. Thank you Bronto Scorpio for the original and sorry if I ruined it, but I liked to outcome. Lots of Sample and Holds and a Fluorine Sine Oscillator added. Don't be to harsh on me. ;-)


Miles Davies
5 years ago
@tonino gallo - Search for Dronebox by Bronto Scorpio in google and you can download the original which will save presets. I changed some of the insides, but the original is an amazing noise maker.
tonino gallo
5 years ago
i'm in love with this ensemble! making it possible to saving presets would be the best!
Miles Davies
5 years ago
@Herwig Krass - What is this technical language you speak?
5 years ago
get a NAN after some seconds (SR.C=48000)
Miles Davies
5 years ago
This version takes a gate input only