SY66 V. 1.59

Advanced Phase or Frequency Modulation (FM) synth

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1.59 (Updated 3 years ago)
March 26, 2016
Reaktor 6


Quick Start:
After opening SY66, please begin in the B view, Live page.

SY66 utilizes 8 live, or macro knobs that can be Unipolar(0-1) or Bipolar(-1-+1). These are virtual controls that can be assigned to nearly any parameter in the synthesizer and effects. To start out it is recommended that you connect a hardware controller with 8 knobs. In the B view LIVE page you will see 8 knobs. Midi learn or assign these 8 knobs to your hardware controller, then save SY66. As you load snapshots, your hardware knobs will now change function depending on how the snapshot was designed. The assigned functions are documented above the knobs and are intended for quick variations, performance and sound design. Additionally, most snapshots include assignments for the modwheel for instant tweaking.

Instrument designed, built and documented by Jonathan Adams Leonard and including work by Martijn Zwartjes, Stephan Schmitt, Max Zagler, and Eric Wiegand.

Reaktor version 6.0
Windows 7 and later or OSX Leopard
A mac or pc with an intel processor that is greater than 2 gHz
A controller with midi or USB (keyboard, drum pads...)
A basic knowledge of Reaktor conventions and terms.

6 Operators + External Input
7 Operator Types
Microtonal Scale functions
6x7 Audio Modulation Matrix for FM and RM
6 filter types per operator including Zero Delay Feedback (ZDF) versions
12 Multifunction Syncable LFO
12 ADSR Envelopes
6 Multistep Breakpoint Envelopes
15 Effect Types (8 distortions and shapers) in a 4 unit chain
Master Level Filter
Master Level Control with Brickwall Limiter and Soft Mute
Audio Trigger
Audio Envelope Follower
Pitch Tracker
Event Buss Mapper connecting 17 input types to 800+ modulation targets
High Resolution Midi Velocity
Expression Shaper
129 Master and Operator Velocity Curves
XY Controller

New in version 1.59:
Unipolar/Bipolar Breakpoint Envelope switching
Fixed Arpeggiator
Added Arp speed and direction to modulation scheme in Master section

New in version 1.58:
New operator type Sine 2
Microtonal Scale Randomization
High Resolution Midi Velocity (CC88) support
Zero Delay Feedback Ladder and State Variable Filters
New knobs and controls including separate unipolar and bipolar knobs
Master Level control with brickwall limiter and soft-mute
New sounds and updates to existing sounds
More macro control assignments for quick sound design and performance
Modwheel integration into most sounds for direct control
Bugfixes and structure improvements

SY66 can be played with a midi controller, or your own voice and comes with a wide assortment of sounds designed to take advantage of a standard 8 knob hardware format. These macro knobs control different aspects of the synthesizer and give the artist and performer a chance to be creative without being mired in details and parameters.


3 years ago
Jonathan Leonard
3 years ago
Thanks for the bugfixes Paule!
David Coffin
4 years ago
…and ditto on the demo tune: Music!
David Coffin
4 years ago
Deep! And lovely, thank you!
David Maier
5 years ago
Nice tune!
Reinhard Bueb
5 years ago
I am surprised, the best SY 66 ever, and the microtuning option is the icing on the cake.
Jonathan Leonard
5 years ago
1.58 adds a new FM operator type Sine 2 which sounds slightly different and cool.
Jonathan Leonard
5 years ago
Updating to version 1.57 to fix a bug in 1.56 that broke some presets and add the randomization options to the master microtonal scale.
Greg Killmaster
5 years ago
Thank you Jonathan!!
Jonathan Leonard
5 years ago
Hi Greg, first go to B view, then the Audio page and enable the Ext. In. Next you can enable the audio trigger and set a destination, the envelope follower or pitch tracker. To use as a modulation source for FM, go back to the A view and in the last (7th) column of the FM Feedback Matrix you can set amounts for the external signal as a modulator.
Greg Killmaster
5 years ago
This is getting really great. Can you describe how to use audio in as a modulation source. I read through the section in the manual but was not able to get it to work. Thank you!
Rick Duff
5 years ago
I too love the demo track thank you for the ensemble I will give it a go
michael sintros
5 years ago
Love the demo track
6 years ago
Great ensemble! Love the XY controller. Excellent work!
Michael Stocker
6 years ago
Very cool, thanks!
Hans Mikael Lave Nissen
6 years ago
Christopher Soulos
6 years ago
Beautiful Great vibe
6 years ago
wow - very cool and great effort :)