Beatrix Radio

A "Radio Frequency Oscillator" for Reaktor

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March 27, 2016
Reaktor 6
Instrument Other


Made with the K-Tech 'Beatrix' sample mangler and a number of other modules; this is a sound generator that can range in function anywhere from a gently randomized sample launcher, to a madness inducing glitch machine.

It consists of the Beatrix, with its default musical samples for a "Radio" feel. These are processed by Sandy Small's 'Scatter' which can turn any sound into a binary drone of grains. Next, the signal runs through the Rounds delay, and the Metaverb Red, which has a convenient bit crushing effect for further distortion.

The signal then reaches the Tape Machine effect. This is a compilation of user library effects, including a preamp and a warp/ flutter effect, both of which I have rebuilt in core. It also includes a compressor which is very useful for evening out the sound between different samples. Lastly, it has an exciter and a limiter.

When the signal leaves the tape machine it is processed by a dual filter, and then a final output module, where it can have its stereo width modulated. A Quad LFO is provided for the ensemble's main modulation source.

90 Snapshots are included, divided into three categories: Radio, Horror, and Glitch.


David Elson for Beatrix

Sandy Small for Scatter

S Millward for Tape Machine

Chet Singer - Exciter

Micheal Hetrick for Final Output


Giorgio Inzaghi
1 month ago
Assolutamente geniale!
Raymond Mellott
2 years ago
this is soooooo damn useful for resampling sounds. I'd recommend going into the sample map and loading some of your own loops!!!
georges georges
2 years ago
Très bon !
Greg Johnson
3 years ago
This is a marvelous device with lots of truly interesting sounds! I have generated some audio samples out of a number of your snapshots, so as to further mangle these terrific sounds without the CPU usage. Thanks very much!
3 years ago
Spacebar or the play button at the top. Sorry for the delayed response and ambiguous instructions.
Georgy Charkseliani
3 years ago
I apologize for this stupid question, but how do I start reaktor's clock?
Instrumental Native
3 years ago
Change sample maps for your own - and start atmopsheric voyage!
andrew aronson
3 years ago
3 years ago
Glad you like it, be sure to try out some other sample maps as well.
brice beasley
3 years ago
Awesome, thanks!
rick scott
3 years ago
Fun! Nice job. :-)
3 years ago
Soon, I think.
andreas haun
3 years ago
any chance for this as ablock ?
david elson
3 years ago
K-Teck woz ear....
3 years ago
Start Reaktor's clock for sound. Also, enable "Set BPM by snapshot" in settings, for the snapshots to work correctly.