Cirrus Buffer

A granulizer with an interactive audio table

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v.1.2 (Updated 3 years ago)
March 29, 2016
Reaktor 6
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update 1.2 :
Fixed a button bug that made B D inputs unmoddable.

A low cpu granulizer effect with an interactive audio table. The knobs on the right side are pretty standard. The buttons manipulate the movement of the Read/Write transports or change granular characteristics.

wRst - Syncs W back to zero position
Rst - Syncs R/W back to a zero position
Frz - Freezes the R position relative to the FRZ SP knob
RSnc - Re-syncs the R/W position relative to W
Rev - Reverses individual grains
BKWDS - simultaneously reverses grains the playback and R direction and then re-syncs after release
BKWD - simultaneously reverses grains the playback and R direction but does not re-sync
Snc 2 - syncs the R position relative the horizontal fader to the right.
Latch - 'latches' Snc 2 so as long as it's on grains are stuck at this R position
pGate - sets the pitch to gPitch from Pitch
srGate - sets the sample rate to gSMPrt from SMPrt

This block includes a power button that bypasses the wet signal and sends only the dry. It also includes the Bypass switch which turns off all incoming mod signals.

Special Thanks to Emm@ for the power gfx and Colugo for the horizontal mod slider.

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makoz ~
3 years ago
yes, this babe is great though thank you so much :)
Joey Valizan
3 years ago
I'm having a hard time reproducing your issue. are you saying you are unable to switch being ABCD mod selection. that seems to be working fine on my end.
makoz ~
3 years ago
aaaaah when activating/deactivating the whole patch from the top right corner same problem occurs mods stuck
makoz ~
3 years ago
BUT, when i take your I Uploaded A Block esseble and delete everything exept the buffer block, there it workz fine.
makoz ~
3 years ago
modulators are stuck to B i cannot select any other :/