a guttural sound generator

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1.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
April 03, 2016
Reaktor 6
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push play and walk away. it's a generative fm-ish noise sequencer, an acid spitting aleatoric kickhat, a doom drone bass feast, a scuttering fuzzy forest ghoul, and more. i tried to keep it light weight on the cpu(12-14% for me) but yet still pack some sonic flex.

i use multiple instances in my daw to take advantage of all the cores. the example mp3s demonstrate the use of 2-5 layered instances (with no effects added). play through the presets to get a taste...


christian ds
3 years ago
hey how could i use your kick .ins sounds great on demo Thanks
Grégory Impallari
3 years ago
I just NEED IT! Thank you Jason
Marco Scherer
3 years ago
great! love it for creating fills and atmospheres
jason corder
3 years ago
thanks guys! hail satan, spaghetti and westerns
Theodore Liston
3 years ago
Nice - I like the spaghetti western sound that shows up in your demo at around 38 seconds!
rick scott
3 years ago
Good clean fun for the whole family!
Jonathan Canupp
3 years ago
The Master Therion would be proud.
gordon ilae
3 years ago
Guttural NoISe neeD noT MakE Sense. This is NICE!!! Thanks