an guttural flippant sound creature

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2.1 (Updated 2 years ago)
April 03, 2016
Reaktor 6
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push play. walk away. satron approved: it's an evil fm noise beast sequencer conjured from the depthz. an acid spitting aleatoric spazz. a doom drone bass feaster. a scuttering futtzy forest ghoulface. and more. it ain't pretty but it sure licks some serious 666. if it doesn't conjure a demon or two, your money back. guaranteed.

1. fixed the 1/8th missing from the sequencers (good catch catman dude)
2. added some example ableton 10 project files for inspiration
3. mo' better sound examples (the included abes 10 files are these examples)

1. implemented salamander anagram's brilliant modular patchbay* to be able to expand what this can do and also be able to SAVE PATCH WIRINGS IN SNAPSHOTS (being able to do that is priceless!)
2. added over 150+ new presets in various sub categories
3. added an extra filter stage
4. added a snapshot auto randomizer
5. added 12note tuning for the kick module's freq knob
6. allowed the drag+record tools to run on their own (adds additional generativeness to the mess)
7. added a quick start tips.jpg to the .zip to help with "the hell hot looking mess" that is this patch

dregged this silly little creature up from the depths (v1 is included in the download)

tried to keep it light on the cpu(15-18% for me with absalom 2. v1 clocks around 10-12%) but yet still pack some sonic flex. this way you can have many going at once in a live performance situation.

i use multiple instances in my daw to take advantage of all the cores. the example mp3s demonstrate the use of 2-5 layered instances (with no effects added - just straight absalom madness). play through the presets to get a taste... see the included "quick start tips.jpg" inside the .zip for how to get started.

i also included in the .zip: some example ableton 10 files show how one might use multiple instances of absalom 10. also, included is a max for live patch that makes it easy to change snapshots via midi program changes.


* - to operate salamander's sexy patchbay, left click on a yellow box(yellow=ouputs) and then left click on an orange box(inputs). to remove a connection, right click on any orange box.


sziri szali
2 years ago
What are the possibilities of using it, e.g. for a short video form? How does the friends license work?
Richard Figone
2 years ago
I came back just to vote. I like to think that I am on the opposite side of Satan. But the work you've put in on this, and showing the potential of it within Ableton was so generous and eye opening that I must find a home for it in my work. Thank you.
Jason Corder
2 years ago
thanks catman for the kind words! i was hoping the snapshots would be useful (and or a good jumping off point for those who don't have time to dig deeper). also i fixed that "1/8th missing issue" for ya in this recent upload :)
Catman Dude
2 years ago
Jason, I want to take back my 5 * rating. This ensemble deserves at least 25 *s! Played with it all day, and there are so many great snapshots; plus it's easy to modify any one of them and get a completely different and great sound. On top of all this, you taught me how to use salamanderanagram's wonderful patchbay. Can't thank you enough!
Catman Dude
2 years ago
Really nice! Thanks, Jason. BTW, the SeqDriver, AutoRand, etc., tempos are lacking 8th notes. of course it's nice that it's so easy to add them in.
christian ds
6 years ago
hey how could i use your kick .ins sounds great on demo Thanks
Grégory Impallari
6 years ago
I just NEED IT! Thank you Jason
Marco Scherer
6 years ago
great! love it for creating fills and atmospheres
jason corder
6 years ago
thanks guys! hail satan, spaghetti and westerns
Theodore Liston
6 years ago
Nice - I like the spaghetti western sound that shows up in your demo at around 38 seconds!
rick scott
6 years ago
Good clean fun for the whole family!
6 years ago
The Master Therion would be proud.
gordon ilae
6 years ago
Guttural NoISe neeD noT MakE Sense. This is NICE!!! Thanks