Klein Bottle math synth

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03 (Updated 6 years ago)
April 10, 2016
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Start here:

This is the Klein Bottle math from my Klein OSC built out as a block so you can bring your own OSCs, envelopes, effects and modulation.

Version 03:
Even more "R6"-like as I learn how the new features work. The core logic is pretty tight now.
2 new modes based on other ways of drawing a Klein bottle. It is more of a subtle difference in tone, width and depth than a great big change--although with square waves and PWM that statement isn't so very true.
A few new snapshots testing out the new modes, I don't think I've added any new ensembles since 02, but it has been a while and I don't recall.

Version 02:
Made the core more "R6" internally--bundles, etc.
General cleanup and making it more "blockish"
Got the modulation on the stereo width to display correctly.
Several ensembles, some better than others, each with a few snapshots, some better than others. I'm still learning R6 and what is available within blocks.
The "URT" ensemble sounds a lot like my Earthquaker Devices "Rainbow Machine" ( )

Version 01:
There is no version 01.

Version 00:
I've included two ensembles "ready to play" although neither are all that great. I just bought R6 and have not spent any time learning blocks. Both include excellent effects from the user library. This is by no means finished. I just wanted to get a draft out there to get some feedback. I'll build better ensembles and a lot more snapshots as I have time.

The ensemble builder has to provide 4 source (th, v, R and P). Typically these are four different oscillators. Things get fun when they are slightly detuned. Effects can be placed between the oscillator and the Stellerator.

I've included one ensemble with 4 Bento Box oscillators, each with an envelope and an effect (no filters at this point, but they could be helpful). I built a few teaching snapshots, nothing really playable, but useful for exploring.

I've also included a single oscillator (Monarch) ensemble with 4 envelopes and a couple of effects. I wasn't able to coax much I liked from this arrangement, but you might give it a shot.


Nico Staelens
6 years ago
No problems here anymore.So sorry for my comment. And thank you for wonderful work!
Scot Bontrager
6 years ago
I've not had any crashes (OS X). And I've built some pretty extreme ensembles with this testing it. I'm running a slightly different version than what is uploaded here, but nothing that I could imagine causing a crash. I'll probably release an update with some new ensembles and patches on Thursday.
Nico Staelens
6 years ago
Interesting,but my R6 crashed when making a snapshot.Anyone with same experience? (Maybe it went thru the bottle hole? :) )