Snap bank for Jinrai with added envelops

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April 12, 2016
Reaktor 5 or lower
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Here's some more Jinrai exploration, this time focused on drawing new shapes into the pitch and volume tables using new slots only of course, so as not to tinker with what's already there. Just right-click on any table and select Draw mode; you can leave it there or return it to locked mode as delivered. Pretty fantastic option, so easy to experiment with and massage (…and easy to just get mad FX from, as per usual). There's a lot of that type of thing here, just to be as detailed as possible with the experiments; hope some will find them useful or provocative in any way.

Simply marvelous device, growing better with every new hour spent with it; thanks again MRTN CSTR!


Richard Figone
3 years ago
For some reason, when loading the snaps into the table, I can't get them to change when flipping around the snapshot names. Nothing happens. Also I have switched it to draw mode and tried saving one, then switching to another and nothing changes after I've drawn one in. I have to draw another in order to make it change...
mikimo sosumi
5 years ago