DrumDesigner mkII

powerful drum synth

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mkII 1.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
April 24, 2016
Reaktor 6


Please enable Info Hints to get infos on each element of the GUI.

3 Drumsynth Modules with:
-3 Oscillator channels (bodys)
-2 Noise channels with 3 noise sources and external input
-1 LFO
-Master Filter
-EQ with 2 stages of saturation
-Auto-triggered Tapedeck for easy sample export.

The Oscillator channels can be FM'd by all channels and noise sources and all channels can Ring- and Amplitude-modulate each other.
The trigger of the topmost channels can be doubled, triggers of the other channels can be delayed.

If an oscillator is in 808 mode, the decay reacts a bit different, the attack slider has no effect and the phase knob controls the attack transient.

For the main ensemble the keys are:
C3 - Kick
D3 - Snare
F#3 - Hat

The 3 Drum Modules are connected to separate outputs for further processing.

A second ensemble is included for playing chromatically tuned drums (DrumDesigner mkII -m).


Rulgert Ghostalker
2 years ago
thank you for the update Matthias, a very solid tool, worthy of the refinement
Devon Hansen
2 years ago
this is fantastic. matthias, is there an email i can reach you at? thanks!
Mark Bonnington
2 years ago
I want to give this 6 stars.
Petty Vendetta
3 years ago
Heavy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sppAjE9ubrM
Marco Scherer
3 years ago
Sounds really good, ready-to-go presets. Very cool! Thanks!
Willie Lewis
3 years ago
Thanks Matthias!
Matthias Schaffner
3 years ago
Thanks for the comments! I'm really happy you people like this! @Willie Lewis "trigger button" simply refers to the midi gate, you just need to send a gate that is on as long as the sound is playing. PS: If you use this in a Blocks setup you can hide it behind the B-Panel, which is small enough to fit one Block.
Willie Lewis
3 years ago
Perfect drum synth with loads of possibilities! Great with Kodiak block sequencers. Thank you! ?- Hints info on tape deck says to "hold down trigger button as long as the sound is playing" but where is the trigger button?
Woodpecking Mantis
3 years ago
Thanks for the update, I love it.
3 years ago
Thanks for updating! I used this for a few of the sounds in the sample pack found here: https://www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/sample-pack-made-with-reaktor.271285/
Rulgert Ghostalker
3 years ago
Kudos Mathias Schaffner !!! this is the most perfect drum synth, as i am concerned....and i have FXpansion Tremor..not that i won't use some of my other drum synths on occasion yet, but i can see going for DrumDesigner now 90% of the time... all i ever run is Kick, Snare ,and Hat; generally complex rythems leaving room for the rest of the instrumentation. I Want my drums to sound synthetic but thick and / or complex
Reinhard Bueb
3 years ago
Thanks, great sound and easy to use
4 years ago
Thanks! Coincidentally, I came looking for drum synths today and here this was! Cool!