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El mejor software para DJ, con cuatro decks y diseñado para clubes. Panel gráfico personalizable y herramientas creativas potentes para pinchar con total libertad.
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For more than 20 years, TRAKTOR has been at the cutting edge of digital DJing, boasting unrivaled sonic quality and intuitive control of your favorite tracks. Providing powerful tools for mixing, remixing, and compiling creative sets through accurate beat-matching and time stretching, alongside 21st century effects and sampling functionality, TRAKTOR pushes your mixes to new heights.

Explore the range of TRAKTOR DJing software from Native Instruments and get started with the entry-level TRAKTOR DJ 2 or expand your studio with our top-of-the-line TRAKTOR PRO 3.


As Native Instruments’ flagship DJ app, TRAKTOR PRO 3 features a club-grade DJ workflow that is used in bars, booths, and on the biggest stages in the world. Packed with professional features that make for seamless mixing and remixing on the fly, our premium 4-deck DJ software never fails to deliver.

Hone your beatmatching skills or blend genres and bridge BPMs using the Sync button; remix with loops, hotcues, and beatjumps; and build new sonic landscapes with over 40 high-grade effects over your entire mix or on individual channels. However you build your sets, TRAKTOR PRO 3 makes 4-deck mixing intuitive and enjoyable.

Featuring a brand-new, customizable user interface for at-a-glance mixing, alongside parallel waveforms and clearly delineated metering, Native InstrumentsDJing software keeps everything you need to visualize your mix front and center. Additionally, TRAKTOR PRO 3 comes standard with TRAKTOR SCRATCH, allowing you to easily hook up your laptop to your turntables or CDJs and control analog audio channels through our range of TRAKTOR KONTROL mixers.


A stripped back but fully functional version of our flagship DJing software, TRAKTOR LE 3 is the fundamental DJ workflow that forms the ideal entry point to the TRAKTOR universe. Featuring everything you need to start mixing across 2 channels, including looping, cue points, and a selection of our club-grade effects, Native Instruments DJ software TRAKTOR LE 3 lets you jump into the mix right away.

Available exclusively with TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1, TRAKTOR AUDIO 2, and KOMPLETE AUDIO 6, TRAKTOR LE 3 uses the same workflows as TRAKTOR PRO 3 to deliver seamless beatmatching and unparalleled audio quality for the final word in entry-level digital DJing software.


Made for life on the road or at home on the couch, TRAKTOR DJ 2 brings the power of TRAKTOR DJing software to your iPad, iPhone, laptop, and desktop. Completely free to download and featuring full integration with SoundCloud Go+, you can effortlessly mix your favorite tracks wherever you go.

Our free DJ app provides seamless manual beatmatching alongside powerful auto-BPM syncing to ensure your transitions are always on point, alongside creative tools, such as hotcues and loops that allow you to enhance your mixes on the fly. Shape your own unique sound with EQs and a filter on each channel and unleash the power of real-time remixing with the freeze waveform function that allows you to chop vocals and dissect beats.

Whatever way you build killer sets, the TRAKTOR series of apps for digital DJing puts you in control. Discover the range of Native Instruments DJ software today and get mixing and remixing so you can take your audience on a journey of discovery while you push your tracks to new and exciting heights.

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