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Violin Textures

Sculpt unique violin sounds with Non-Static Sampling™ from NKS partner Emergence Audio.
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Authentic emotion demands authentic tools, and that’s why we offer blockbuster-worthy string samples that sound realistic, epic, and beautiful. Our sample packs allow you to seize creative control with the option to change mic positions, manipulate bow behavior, and edit complex phrases. 

With Action Strings 2, a string VST that packs more than 160 themes and 900 phrases, scoring scenes of large-scale battles or quests to the unknown has never been easier. Bring the intricate sonic palette of this 41-piece string orchestra to life with different articulations, all of them fit for creating hair-raising suspense. It’s the high-speed-chase-worthy peaks and valleys of an epic string ensemble VST.

To complement the adrenaline rush of action-filled cinema, we crafted sample packs that will awaken the maestro in everyone. Whether your main character is a delicate fairy or a blood-thirsty warrior, Emotive Strings will give you the scope to express the inner journey of any destiny. The melodic legato string phrases in this pack are gentle, yet powerful, and the playable arpeggios are capable of conjuring a deep melancholy ⏤ both of which give this string VST the power to convey authentic human emotion.


Groundbreaking strings that truly stand the test of time. Our classical sample packs honor classical music to the utmost technical detail, and include an interface that will allow you to transform violin samples into a living, breathing piece of music. Easily change between the Low-String, High-String, and Smart fingerboard positions to create life-like violin movement full of emotion. 

Recorded in Cremona, Italy, the violin samples of the Stradivari Violin are expressive and true to the supreme “Vesuvius”, originally built in 1727. The painfully beautiful tone of this instrument has been recreated in the acoustically stunning Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi, which means you can make this violin VST sing in all its glory, just like the great conductors of the past. For the moments when the soul breaks and the heart rejoices, you have the option to control both the vibrato and intensity, allowing you to sculpt tender melodies in real-time.

The Stradivari Cello is an homage to the intricate woodwork of the “Stauffer” cello, revered for its rich, warm texture. With 20 articulations, all with up to three legato transitions, creating the exact dynamic and organic sounds in your head is easier than ever. And the stereo mixdown feature brings renewed focus to your compositions, making your sessions more efficient.

Cremona Quartet brings together four of the most valuable stringed instruments: the Stradivari Violin, the Stradivari Cello, the Amati Viola, and the Guarneri Violin. Their phase-aligned velocity crossfades make for supremely realistic bow changes, so whether you’re scoring scenes for the end of the world or creating a sense of hopeful rebirth, the string samples of this quartet offer all the dynamic range you need.



Our Session Strings 2 pack was designed to offer sampling craftsmanship of the highest level. This string ensemble VST offers virtuoso-level samples of an 11-piece string ensemble for intimate, detailed, and organic sounds that are ideal for hopeful, up-tempo pop, or modern scores across genres and eras. Session Strings Pro 2 is a 22-piece ensemble that upgrades your productions with richer, more complex modes of expression.

Symphony Essentials is the best strings VST for contemporary pop and dance tracks. Built with fast workflow in mind, its simplified design will allow you to add dimension to your production quickly without overthinking or overworking your CPU. Play with the legato emulation to deepen the emotion of a song with unprecedented realism. Our Symphony Series (scroll down on the page to see the additional features), equips you to face any scoring task, be it a trip-hop saga or colorful adventure video game. These string samples can be further refined by using the three additional microphone mixes, a mixer page, and true legato to help you craft a truly expressive and memorable soundtrack.


Stringed instruments experienced a pivotal era of refinement during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. The intricate sounds of the 1600s and 1700s laid the groundwork for the suspenseful action movie soundtracks of the 90s ⏤ and with Native Instruments’ strings, you get the best of both worlds.

Komplete Strings welcomes you into an extremely realistic world of cellos, violins, string ensembles, and orchestras, and each of them fully programmable to help you reach the highest highs and the lowest lows of human emotion. So whether you're looking to capture the intimate mournful sound of a solo violin VST, or the grandiose harmonies of a multi-layered orchestra ensemble, you’ve come to the right place.

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