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The Browser is where you search for your sounds, and it’s divided into different categories to help you quickly find what you want. By selecting TYPES and CHARACTERS tags in the Browser you can refine your search. Try loading a sound!
Click the Instruments icon in the Browser. Click Synth Pad, and then Airy. Double-click the sound ‘Coastline Sunset’ to load it. Now play your keyboard to hear it.
Note: If you don’t hear sound, check your audio settings. If you need help to set up your audio, visit the configuration Support here.

Customizing your Sound

You’ll find all the instruments of KOMPLETE START come with controls that allow you to customize a sound in different ways. KOMPLETE KONTROL organizes these controls into sets of eight, accessible through the Plug-in panel.

Click the Plug-in icon to display the first page of controls. Turn the control knob named Cutoff to see how the sound changes.
You can also use the page buttons on the left to select another page of controls.

Mapping Your Keyboard

Instead of clicking in the software you can use the knobs on your keyboard to customize sounds – it’s more fun than using a mouse! To start, you’ll need to map the knobs to the software but If you already have a KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard or MASCHINE, everything comes ready-mapped.

Click MIDI, select a control knob in the software and then turn a knob on your keyboard. It’s connected! Simply repeat this to map the other knobs.
You can also map buttons on your keyboard to the software. This will allow you to select another page of eight control knobs in the software using your keyboard. This is a way to adjust the sound in many more ways using your keyboard.
Turn the knobs on your keyboard and see how the controls in the software move in sync.
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