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KOMPLETE KONTROL can help you generate scales and chords using the powerful Smart Play functions. You don’t need to be a trained musician to create interesting harmonies. Let’s get started!

Start with a Sound

First, click on the All Instruments tab in the Browser section, then select Play Series Selection. In the Types tab, select Synth Lead and then select Huge Lead. In the Results List, double-click on 'Journey to the Center' to load the preset.

Creating Chords with Smart Play

To start playing chords, click on the Perform panel button in the header section. Turn on the Scale engine by clicking the circle next to SCALE, so it lights up blue. Under the CHORD Mode drop-down menu, select Chord Set. Now, each key you press will play a whole chord instead of a single note.
The notes of each chord will stay within the selected scale. Start exploring the different chord possibilities by changing the Type to Min 5 and the Position to 4.
There are multiple chord sets to try out. For a full list of all the scales and chords on your keyboard, refer to the KOMPLETE KONTROL manual, available here to download.

Playing Melodies with the Arpeggiator

An arpeggiator is a tool that plays the notes of a chord in quick succession, creating a melodic pattern. When you hold multiple notes on a keyboard, each note will be played one at a time, and at the speed you set.

To use the Arpeggiator, click on ARP and check the circle next to the label, so it lights up blue. Make sure to uncheck SCALE to deactivate it. Now hold multiple keys to hear the Arpeggiator in action.
Try changing the Type to Up-Down, the Rate to 1/8 and the Octave to 3, to start exploring the range of possible arpeggios.

When SCALE is activated the Arpeggiator will follow the notes of the scale.