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Explore professional sample libraries produced by other manufacturers, made for KONTAKT 6 or the free KONTAKT 6 PLAYER.

Piano & Keyboard

  • PEARL Concert Grand

    Impact Soundworks

    PEARL Concert Grand features a gorgeous Yamaha C7 performed and recorded in a lush concert hall with four distinct mic positions. V2.0 offers extensive tweaking and new performance controls!

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  • CinePiano


    CinePiano is a modern Concert Grand Piano sampled by hand at the MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles.

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  • Session Keys Upright

    e instruments

    Session Keys Upright - Get intimate clarity, a distinctive timbre and effortless emotive power with inspirational production and sound design tools.

 Session Keys Upright goes far beyond the realms of a straightforward piano reproduction and works perfect in pop and rock but is equally at home in hip-hop and scoring, cutting through the mix with clear tones and stacks of personality.

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  • Scarbee Classic EP-88s


    The BIG EP - a passionately sampled 88 key electric piano from the 70's - designed and programmed to deliver true, soulful and inspiring authenticity. We wanted to have the best possible sustain on each key, perfect balance of tone, crystal clear bell brilliance and plenty of bark too. The dynamic range is huge, as is the range of tones from the onboard amps, effects and EQ. There are 45 different snapshot presets ready for you - and if you want to make your own sounds? Get started with the 117 FX presets. Scarbee Classic EP-88s features True Horizontal Release Sample Technology, 88 Key Model (1974) Morphing Feature, flexible on-board effects with alternate routings, Key Action Calibration utility, 88 keys, 30 velocities and 8294 samples.

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  • California Keys

    Q Up Arts

    The premier Fazioli 10ft grand offered in stereo & 7.1 / 5.1 surround, plus vintage keyboards for advanced players. Includes Rhodes, Wurlitzer E-Pianos, Clavinet, Vox, Farfisa and Hammond organs. Delivered in 24bit 44k, 8000 samples for 38 Gb. The dashboard accesses mic control, velocity curve, filter, ADSR, several reverb choices, mic level w/ panning & EQ. Thumbs Up Award – Sample Library Review.

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  • Mercury


    Mercury is a sample library for Kontakt Player based on the Freddie Mercury's Fazioli piano recorded at Metropolis Studios in London. It features 5 microphone positions, 8 velocity layers and 4 round robin per key. Time based release samples and total control over the dynamics and sound of the instrument. For more demanding players it comes with a high quality mode where the dynamic layers are morphed to create seamless transition between samples. It comes with 4 effects: compressor, eq, chorus and the special Metropolis Plates rack featuring 2 EMT140 plate reverbs from Metropolis Studios. Mercury has a lot of character, it can sound mellow and soft on low velocities, and punchy and with lots of bite on high velocities without sounding harsh, making this library perfect for every situation.

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  • Virtuoso Ensembles

    Kirk Hunter Studios

    Virtuoso Ensembles is an orchestral sample library that is designed primarily as a compositional and/or live performance tool, and works great for final tweaking mixing as well. The entire library, while sounding amazing, occupies a surprisingly small memory load as well as staying "lean" where CPU hits are concerned. It's a time-saver!

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  • Grindhouse

    Big Fish Audio

    GRINDHOUSE is a collection of edgy, lo-fi, and retro-cool multi-sampled instruments with loads of character and a unique, 1970s Exploitation Movie vibe.  If you’re looking for an eclectic collection of instruments that sound like they were sampled from old vinyl LPs - or maybe recorded off a bad copy of an obscure 1970s exploitation film - then GRINDHOUSE is for you. Our goal in creating GRINDHOUSE was to produce a virtual instrument that had the same vibe as those old exploitation films: a VI that is so bad, it’s good. GRINDHOUSE is designed for use in all sorts of Indie-style productions, or any project that calls for a lo-fi or “home-made” vibe. Whether you’re a songwriter, a producer, or a composer working for TV, film, or video games, GRINDHOUSE can be used to add grit and character to your music. You can use it to create loops, tracks, or entire songs that have a funky, crate-digger type of vibe. And of course, GRINDHOUSE  is ideal for scoring your very own retro-style Kung Fu, Spaghetti Western, Biker Gang, Girl Gang, Women in Prison, Pinky Violence, Low-Budget Horror, Italian Crime, Japanese Yakuza, and/or Blaxploitation B-movie soundtracks.

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