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ACEW 4.1

Debug Tool for Reaktor 6 Core and Primary

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4.1 (Updated 4 years ago)
June 02, 2016
Reaktor 6


ACEW 4 now provides compatibility to Reaktor 6 Core Cells

Unfortunately, the miniACEW is not in the package yet. I need more time to optimize the Panel View.

There is a manual in the package.... ;-)

- ACEW shows incoming events by their order and with time stamp for up to 12 test-inports
- It can be connected to monophonic and polyphonic modules/macros sending events at any rate, including audio streams
- Initialization events and "Post-Init" events are recognized. In addition to that, ACEW distinguishes between Init, Re-Init and Re-Init caused by editing the observed Core Cell
- Events which are synchronous to the Sample Rate Clock (Core) get marked
- Simultaneous events are shown in the same column
- For a better visualization, events belonging to a definable "Group" get the same color
- Tooltips at every panel element and the Core Sensor´s Control Inports might help
- NEW since 3.0: The event view is shrinkable. This often provides a better overview
- NEW since 3.0: Up to the last 12 event Entrys could be kept when resetting ACEW
- NEW since 3.0: All variations support shoving the event view with mouse or finger on Touch Screens
- NEW in 4.0: Compatibility to Reaktor 6 Core and new design

Update ACEW 4.1 (Nov. 07 2016):

fixed a bug that stopped ACEW to show initial events at Ensemble Load.
This only occured if these initial events stayed alone, means they were not followed by post-init events, re-initial events or normal reaktor events and all unused ACEW inports were muted on Panel. I.e. connecting ACEW to the first outport of an unconnected Order Module or to a Constant in a Reaktor 6 Core Cell.


das wesen
8 months ago
Maciej Nyczka
1 year ago
OMG, this is amazing :-O
Marcel Stark
1 year ago
1001 thx for this tool - its really a daily friend!
Mark Wadewitz
2 years ago
Hey Reaktor builders, i thank you all for that kind comments! No response about usability, missing features, questions about usage or something else? Nothing??? So, everything seems to be fine - for you ;-) Thank you, again!
3 years ago
Amazing work. Solved a nasty double triggering problem I was having within literally 5 minutes of downloading it.
Mitch Burton
4 years ago
Very useful, thanks so much for the work
michael lancaster
4 years ago
many thanks for this must have tool,
Jonathan Canupp
4 years ago
I am super-excited to see this. ACEW is a truly indispensable tool - I can not begin to describe how grateful I am for your continued development - this looks wonderful. Thank you!
GG.G SakabeaT
4 years ago
thx a million...........
4 years ago
4 years ago
Mark Wadewitz
4 years ago
May the ACEW be with you, Brett ;-)
Brett Lavallee
4 years ago
Thank you