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Preset Sequencer

Hugely influenced by the Make Noise Pressure Points!

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1.00 (Updated 3 years ago)
June 30, 2016
Reaktor 6
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This is my attempt to emulate the (amazing) Make Noise Pressure Points in a Reaktor Blocks format.

Pressure Points is my favourite Eurorack module as it is fantastic for coming up with new musical ideas and patch variations.

There are 8 manually (monophonically) triggerable preset stages (A-H), which each contain 3 seperate output values.

The three output value stages can also have their outputs scaled using the range controls, which varies between 1 octave, to full 0-1 output values.

Thes stages are default to Midi notes corresponding with the midi notes transmitted on the bottom octave of the Reaktor qwerty keyboard (z,x,c,v,b,n,m,<)

A gate signal is also sent each time a preset stage is actuated. The stages can also be actuated by clicking on the grey buttons towards the bottom of the GUI.

Make sure to use midi learn to assign each stage (A-H) to a preset midi note, cc etc!

There are also some extra switches (top right in blue) that can be routed as you choose (again use Midi learn to assign).

Midi velocity and aftertouch is also transmitted as a value from 0-1.

The sequencer can also be clocked from an external source. Use the CLK, RESET and FWD/BKWD controls (and inputs) to automate playing the preset values sequentially. There are controls on the right hand side to activate clock, set the number of steps, and change the direction. There is also a transpose control that transposes all values by a preset range (+/- 12 semitones).

This blocks patch is not yet fully blocks integrated (ie. no A+B mod busses etc.), but I wanted to get it uploaded now and let people have a play.

I've been really enjoying using it to come up with new melodies, chords, patch variations etc. when using Reaktor Blocks.

Hope you guys enjoy!


3 years ago
First block without core!
3 years ago
i am sorry, this is totally different. haha. i was just hoping for something like this linked to snapshots. Love the midicontrol!
3 years ago
Hi, i am new to Reaktor, but used to own a Pressure Points. Very nice work. But how is this different to a snapshotsequencer? (which i cant find btw, but i am very sure there is. saw a vid on an instrument called "Snapper.")
Colugo _
3 years ago
fantastic!! works nicely with a new block i'm working on... :D
3 years ago
five stars for the seq
John Wise
3 years ago
Played with the Ensemble for about 5 minutes and am falling in love with it. Looking forward to the addition of the Modulation channels.