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Converting the SEQUENTIAL CONTROLLER to full 24 stages, etc.

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Marius H.
1.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
July 09, 2016
Reaktor 6
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There are two example ensembles beside two info texts. The ensembles are not intended to impress anyone musically! One show you how to set up SEQ SWITCH to turn SEQUENTIAL CONTROLLER 2.1 into a 24 stage sequencer and one show you how to turn it into a 72 stage sequencer. You will see the number of possible steps is endless.


The SEQ SWITCH converting the SEQUENTIAL CONTROLLER to a full 24 stages by alternately selecting one of three rows. The SEQ SWITCH can also be used as a general purpose latch, shifter, and signal selector among other logic functions.

Stages can be selected with a manual push-button, a Gate (1, 2, 3) input, or with the shift input. A lamp and trigger output is activated when a stage is On. A signal selector section can switch one of 3 input signals to a common output determined by which stage is selected.

A, B & C Inputs
One of three signal inputs is connected to the Output depending upon which stage is active.

Shift Input
A trigger (gate) pulse at the 'Shift' input causes the SEQ SWITCH to activate the next stage.

Gate 1, 2 & 3 Inputs
Trigger inputs allow other signals (gates) to activate specific stages.

Gate 1, 2 & 3 Outputs
A trigger (gate) output turns On when its stage is active.

Manual Switch
An addition to the original design. You can Switch the stages manual or modulate the active stage by an modulation input (Mod A, B). When 'Manual Switch' is on, the Shift Input, Gate Inputs and manual Buttons are off. The 'Stage III on/off Button' is still active.


Silent Noise Productions
2 years ago
Thank you, this is what I needed for my ensemble!
Jonas Körwer
3 years ago
This is exactly what I was missing!
Marius H.
3 years ago
Gerd, here is an example ensemble as an answer: "!fFJy0KQR!HYC2H-A6ZmyXzQHKAGGNuD9W338ZIuWCBeTI8Uggl_E"
Gerd Mechning
3 years ago
sorry for silly question ;) How can i switsch two SEQUENTIAL CONTROLLER together to a 16 step sequencer ?
Martin Géč
3 years ago
This is great! Thanks!
Marius H.
3 years ago
Awesome John! I can't thank you enough! There will be definitely more blocks in the near future. My plan is to complete the famous 'System-XX'. Wouldn't it be awesome to have such an iconic synthesizer in reaktor?
John Wise
3 years ago
True to my word with the contribution to the community of this Block I've sent you a donation....Thanks Marius for making the effort. I'm looking forward to what else you'll be creating.