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Step Wave Synthesizer

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1.1 (Updated 3 years ago)
January 08, 2017
Reaktor 6


LEADSTER type E is the synthesizer starting from creating the waveform. It is completely different from the method of selecting a waveform.

Compared to type C, I have greatly enhanced the modulation function and improved expressiveness.

Version 1.0 - First public
Version 1.1 - Improved CPU usage

Additional presets : Trend Setters
Special thanks to Brett Lavallee.


Dan Roitner
1 month ago
Great set of sounds for lead. love IT
Rulgert Ghostalker
1 year ago
Oh Yeah !!! the Type-C was the only of the R5 synths i got on last year's combing through the lists that i actually chose to keep....and now very glad to also have the Type-E for my R6. Thanks Apoidea Instruments.
Ricky Raisin
3 years ago
Thank you!!!
David Coffin
3 years ago
Fantastic, should be a product, but thrilled it's a gift; a wonderful one, thank you. And great snaps, Brett, thanks for those, too!
GG.G SakabeaT
3 years ago
man your uploads are'em!!! keep em comming... thx a million!!!
3 years ago
Thanks for updating, I guess I was right about the CPU issue? Thanks as well for linking to my snaps. Feel free to include them in the next update if you wish. It is more convenient for the user that way.
3 years ago
Brett, Actually, I made about the reset function, but I decided not to adopt it because it did not work well. For example, No-retrigger mode it would be like 2123 instead of 1234.
3 years ago
really good GUI work, i like the popup menu
3 years ago
Thank you for this great instrument. My expansion pack, Trend Setters, has been uploaded. One feature request would be a reset button on the sequencer, so a key can be pressed without restarting the sequence. One other note; CPU use jumps drastically when using the envelope as a modifier source. I'm not sure why.
3 years ago
Powerful snapshots and the pull downs are a feast for my eyes. The extended Leadster is an in crease of the instrument. Thanks to Apoidea Instruments.