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Emerald FX

DualFreqShift+Delay (Delaytime sync to FreqShift Frequency)

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0.7a (cleaned up snapshots) (Updated 3 years ago)
April 12, 2017
Reaktor 6
Effect Multi-Effect


1st of all: it is unfinished
2. but too good to be unused
3. use it with 192kHz PLEASE! it only takes 10% cpu on my Laptop @2,4ghz with 192kHz, but it improves the quality a lot.

Dual Frequency Shifter with Dual Delay
yet another echobode? this is the special thingy:
-You can activate a synced mode (Linked button) where Delaytimes are auto calculated by the frequency shifters time (frequency).
-the Freqshift can be synced to songtempo for rythmical phasings/fx
-Selfoscilating with the right settings

what can you do with it?
from noble subtile phasing/chorus effects over dope delays up to crazy alienware

delay, freq shifter, and env follow were taken from NI reaktor 6 library
grafics are selfmade, if you like the knobs with modulation feedback use them for your projects :)
written in core (one big core), so if anyone wanna make a block out of it or use parts of it in blocks, it should be doable.

v.07a cleaned up snapshots, added some snaps and a default

have fun

- use the sync button of the delay smooth to get smearing tape effects
- some env follower destinations dont work
- saturation is placed in the feedback loop of the dealy, so the sat knob and the feedback knobs can work against each other


Brett Lavallee
3 years ago
Interesting. Thank you.