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Stereo Reinjector

Subtile Stereo Image Mastering Effect with MonoCompability

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1.0b (Updated 3 years ago)
April 29, 2017
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the lesson i had to learn while building this: never ever use clip Min/Max in core on Stereo Signals. it can f.uck up your mono compability even if nothing is clipping!

CPU usage on i7 laptop@ 2,4ghz:
- 48kHz: 10%
- 192kHz: 35%

this was made to keep mono compability. everything happens to both stereochannels.
you won`t get heavy stereo effects like using Stereoizer. if you are looking for drastic stereo effets try my "Multiband Starting Base" ensemble.

using Poddig ZDF filters
everything else is selfmade

injecting mid to side and vice versa.
there is a main feedbackloop if you want, but there is no clip min/max so be careful!
injecting + main feedback can spike pretty quick.
tip: use phase invert on injectors, it sounds mostly better
have fun :)

update Vers 1.0b:
-added linear smoothers to delay knobs
-all resonance knob are resetting to zero now, if you double klick them


3 years ago
Zwiebeln unter die Augen.
Thala Estra
3 years ago
found the linear smoother, thanks paule :) aber nun klingt es wie eine traurige leierkiste. haltet die taschentücher bereit!
Thala Estra
3 years ago
i will try tomorrow, its late. any tips? never did that in core. is there a macro or do i need this blocks smoothing stuff? or just lowpass it?
3 years ago
Thala, please smooth the delay knobs.