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unique wavetable synthesis

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3.1 (Updated 1 year ago)
May 19, 2017
Reaktor 5 or lower



This is an update of the ensemble SHAPER XXL.

to use shaper you need to set the sample rate of reaktor to the max your computer can handle (over 88kHz for sure) because due to the high number of sample in the waveforms you will have aliasing otherwise.
but if you use fourrier the sample rate has to be set very low , on my machine I set it to 22kHZ , that's ok because fourrier doesn't work in real time.

what is SHAPER XXL?

it's a modular synth with 4 ADSR, 4 shapers containing 20 shapes, 2 LFO, 10 external entries, 4 FM operators and a main table of 128 waveforms.

you choose between 4 waveforms (the circulation). its amplitude can be modulated and it can be filtered, then you read the main waveform, a zero amplitude read the center of the waveform then it widen the range. you can have up to 4 main waveforms in you sound. you can use the 4 FM operators to mofulate the circulation for FM synthesis purpose or you can use it anywhere.
then you can filter the waveform choosing between 5 filters. Some are classics, there is one you can build and another one that use 7 alpass filter.
then you can compress the waveform and modulate its amplitude.There is also an EQ and a stereo module as the synth is mono.
I also add a reverb, but use yours.

to help you create new shapers and new waveforms,there are 3 instruments you have SAMPLE FITTER to extract waveforms from a sample, MATH to calculate shapers for enveloppes and waveforms, and FOURRIER to create waveforms by additive synthesis.

you can get very agressive sound with it but also beautifull pads.

when trying the presets, some can take a long time, some change dramatically with the velocity, some evolve along he keyboard as you can use a keyboard tracking function.


I added oscilloscopes in shaper and dancefloor and they are really usefull.

when plugged in a sequencer, you can use the external entries from the sequencer

In shaper,
the lfo can now be tempo synced,
the external entries use the circulation amp module,
there is a main sync oscillator,
the compressor is now before the amp module which is much better.
the stereo is really improved.
there are new waveforms so now you have 112 waveform out of 128.
there are new presets (107 in total) and they works at the ensemble level so they have the right effect with them. but you can really get rid of the reverb.


they are now real user guides !!!

this is the order I would recommend the reading :
SHAPER user guide, SHAPER tutorial, SAMPLE FITTER user guide.
MATH user guide, FOURRIER user guide, dancefloor userguide.

I made them short; but you need open office(it's free) to open them.


there is a new instrument called FOURRIER which draws waveforms using 256 harmonics that are driven by a math formula and modulated by an FM function of 4 operators.

some waveforms are really beautiful others sound really great, in any case a very eductationnal instrument.

in no particular order,
the number of envelope shaper is set to 1000, the number of point in these is now set to 1000 , you can store also 1000 waveforms.

the lfos can be retrigered by the keyboard.

I added comb filters, a random and hold in the spectral lfo.

there is a new stereo mode called spread that works like detune in serum.
there are now 207 preset with new waveforms they are in te factory preset bank, the other banks, bass,lead,pad are just another way to find them.

there are two instances of shaper so that you can use them as two sources that you can detune.

they are two warping method using the shapers meaning an infite way of warping, you can use waveforms for example to do formant warping, I've implemented some curves and update the tutorials so that you can understand how it works.

there is an instrument called storage for you to store your waveforms with a name.
selector has now envelope followers, compressor so that you can plug a guitar and use shaper as a distortion.

all the tools have now mini synths so that you can preview your waveform creation

there is a new instrument called ultramixer so that you can mix up to 5 waveforms and do math operations between them like adding, multiply, set one waveform to the power od another, you can also use it to create new envelope shapers. it has it's own mini synth for test.

in the reset preset the shaped filter is now configurated as a 42db/oct low pass filter, I've added tutorials to explain how to use the shaped filter,(great for pads)
If you put the instrument in the folder, documents/native instruments/ user content
and the folder in the reaktor folder of the user content you should have all the knobs mapped in KK2 except in A view the shaped filter parameters and the custom filter parameters
but that's aleready 30 pages of knobs :)

that's all, have fun!


erwan thomas
1 year ago
actually there are user guides and a tutorial. most of the instrumants are just tools to create waveforms, from samples, from math formulas, by additive synthesis, or by doing math operations on waveforms. one of the instrument is to use external source as modulations or circulation. then there is the synth itself, the other one is just there if you want double layers.
Joe Lyford
1 year ago
Thanks for sharing this! This is fascinating and very complex. If there's any documentation I'd love to see it.
erwan thomas
2 years ago
cool :)
2 years ago
All is fine. No more boring info box by R5 or R6.
erwan thomas
3 years ago
thx :)
Jacek Olszewski
3 years ago
Really good one! :)
erwan thomas
3 years ago
you're wellcome :)
3 years ago
Thanks ET