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Custom LFO

Drawable LFO Shapes

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Paul Rogat
1.0c (Updated 3 months ago)
October 08, 2017
Reaktor 6
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A LFO Block with custom modulation patterns.
You can draw and switch between 8 shapes.

Parts of the Rounds and/or Bento Box LFO
Linear Interpolation by Sandy Small
Partials Framework by Max Zagler
Knob design by Efflam Le Bivic

Version history
1.0c (30-05-2019)
- Add patch points to view B

1.0b (30-07-2018)
- Fix drawing position
- Replace background image with colored multi display

1.0 (10-08-2017)
- initial release


Claude S.
10 months ago
Oh snap. I need to download this again. I use it quite a bit.
Paul Rogat
1 year ago
I'm glad you love it! Thanks Claude and all the others.. fixing the drawing was overdue though.
Claude S.
1 year ago
I love this LFO. It is by far my favorite of all the ones I use!
Paul Rogat
1 year ago
Did you try loading the block in reaktor standalone? Same problem there? If not, then possibly your reaktor vst dll wasn't updated by native access properly.. could you check the version number inside of reaktor vst?
Acacius Ares
1 year ago
For some reason it will not work with my version of reaktor in ableton live. It repeats an error telling me to update reaktor even though its to the latest version (6.2.2). Any ideas how I could fix this on my end?
Aaron Hemeon
1 year ago
Wondering if you could implement drag and drop waveforms? Just a thought.
Vaughn Stegeman
1 year ago
Essentially a custom-drawable wavetable LFO. Very cool. Thanks!
Aaron Hemeon
1 year ago
Wicked. I often use the Bezyeah. Thanks.
1 year ago
It's good for use as contoure generator in UNI-mode also. Thanks. A test on TSM 2 works phanthastico. Tres bien.
1 year ago
Looks great, thanks.