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Custom OSC

Remix of BUZZL. by Colugo

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Paul Rogat
1.0d (Updated 10 months ago)
October 09, 2017
Reaktor 6
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Remix of Colugos BUZZL. Oscillator Block with a bigger GUI, an alternative interpolated mouse drawing, a bigger wavetable size and a third mod source.

Colugo: "BUZZL is an oscillator which allows you to draw up to 8 custom waveforms and morph between them. The FM processing is taken from Bento Box."

Original BUZZL. Block by Colugo
Partials Framework by Max Zagler

Version history
1.0d (30-05-2019)
- Add patch points to view B

1.0c (09-11-2018)
- Remove redundant color receiver macros that were causing reaktor to crash on snapshot save

1.0b (08-11-2018)
- Replace bg image with colored multi display and fix b view

1.0 (09-10-2017)
- initial release


Paul Rogat
1 year ago
Yes, thank you!
Fedor Mihailovich
1 year ago
May be I am wrong, but there could be the same problem with snapshot save for LFO too.