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modified Quant Block

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V1.5.1 (Updated 1 year ago)
October 15, 2017
Reaktor 6
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new features:
-seperate delay lines for Pitch and Gate (+mod A/B)
-quantized knobchanges and A/B modulations
-changed some GUI elements

Thanks to NI for the Quant Block

The Rar-file contains a trinity blocks example. its similar to the original trinity blocks, but without chaos (bugs). this is the clean version.
in addition you will find 3 different GUI-versions of Quantdelay in the Trinity Example

Have Fun


Catman Dude
5 months ago
Hmmm. I'm having the same kinds of problems with pitch quantization as I had before. Well of course I am: it's the same weird but incorrect algorithm. I did the same test I did the last time: an ascending chromatic scale in the sequencer that gets 'quantized' all over the place, even when all the pitch classes, C up to B chromatic, are selected for use. I am able to save the correct pitch classes into snapshots; they just don't wind up being matched up the way they should. Sigh.
Catman Dude
5 months ago
I've been digging into this block and the eponymous ensemble that so aptly demonstrates its beauties. One word: Awesome! I need to look at how you managed to save the right snapshots with the QuantDelay instrument... If you recall, this quant didn't save properly in Kodiak Shift Seq.
1 year ago
I will have fun & joy, thanks Thala