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Fully Controllable Synthesizer

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2.0 (Updated 1 year ago)
January 02, 2018
Reaktor 6


METHEGLIN is designed to be fully controllable with Novation Launch Control XL.

Also included is a mapping file for Launch Control XL. Please enjoy comfortable sound making without mouse.

Version 2.0 - Overall modification of circuit
Version 1.1 - Fix misspelled label
Version 1.0 - First public


Didier Anstett
1 year ago
Nice but nothing for launchpad pro ?
2 years ago
ALL USER with R6.2 please UPDATE your system to 6.2.1 from 2017-12-21. This is the ACTUAL version!
mapper boy
2 years ago
When I try to load the .ens file into Reaktor 6.2 why am I getting 'Error...Not a valid Reaktor file' ?
2 years ago
Nice job, I've been playing all day with it. It feels just like my Nord Lead 2!
Klas Linder
2 years ago
Just downloaded, also a LCXL owner... very nice!
michael möschler
2 years ago
Cool, thank you! It is an old dream for me, to build a controller who is linked exactly to a cool virtuell synth. Unfortunately, I dont have a Novation Launch Control. But the idea is great. In these ocean of plugins and instruments it could be helpful, to marry some of then and learn by experience how they work in their special way. Nice synth! :)
Quinn Hanratty
2 years ago
As a Launch Control XL user, Thank you! I will try this.