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NUVO 2074

21st Century EQ with a 70s Soul ... on steroids!

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1.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
February 25, 2018
Reaktor 6
Effect Filter


NUVO 2074 is 3 band EQ and my modern take on a well known British Class-A Equalizer, that was designed in the 1970s. Frequency response and behaviour have been carefully emulated, to retain the characteristics of the original. All signal processing is done in Core.

NUVO 2074 is intended as a standalone EQ for mixing and mastering. If you're looking for a Blocks version check out NUVO EQ.


- 18 dB high pass filter with variable frequency
- low shelf (+/-16 dB) with variable frequency
- mid band (+/-18 dB) with variable frequency and proportional Q
- fixed 12KHz high shelf (+/-16 dB)
- optional nonlinear processing introduces saturation, noise and crossfeed
- Drive control to increase or decrease nonlinear processing
- variable output gain (+/-18 dB)
- polarity switch
- true bypass (by clicking on the label)

But that's not all. If you need even more flexibility, NUVO's got you covered:

- individually toggle the Low- & High-band between Shelf and Bell mode
- activate FOCUS mode to tweak every control to your liking! Shift the center frequencies up or down the spectrum, narrow or widen the bell curves, steepen or soften the shelves or change the nonlinear saturation characteristics by introducing Bias

The package includes:

- NUVO 2074 (Stereo version)
- NUVO 2074 MONO: saves CPU and can be used for separate L/R or M/S processing. Tip: you can switch between different labels by clicking on 'Mono'. That way you can visually keep multiple instances apart. If you need an MS Encoder/Decoder, look for SIMPLE MS in my user library ensembles.

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to message me in the forum :)

--- Version History ---
- small visual fixes
- removed HC version

- NEW: completely overhauled single page GUI
- NEW: Focus mode
- NEW: Low- & High-Bands can be switched to bell curves
- NEW: Nonlinear mode now also features stereo crossfeed
- NEW: includes NUVO 2074 MONO
- NEW: includes Simple MS
- NUVO 2074 is now REAKTOR Blocks compatible
- Frequency selection buttons have been replaced with stepped knobs
- Analog mode has been renamed to Nonlinear mode
- Nonlinear mode is now off by default
- improved tooltips
- show MIDI/OSC panel in header
- internal optimizations

v0.51: fixed two bugs with the polarity and bias implementation

After nearly two weeks of testing and research, the pieces are starting to come together. I've spent countless hours analysing and comparing the frequency response and behaviour of every natively available software emulation, digging through official specifications, schematics and manuals and watching interviews with the designer himself. So I'm really happy to release...

...v0.5 aka the 'Halfway there!'-update
- NEW: completely reworked internal structure and filter behaviour that is even closer to the sound and behaviour of the original hardware
- NEW: transform your sound on Page B (pun intended) with various features that are inspired by analogue transformers, including (very low!) noise, variable saturation characteristics and a gain compensated drive control
- NEW: additional High Contrast version for people with impaired vision that is also compatible to the Blocks specifications.
- new polarity switch, label works now as bypass, bypass control has been smoothed to reduce audible artifacts, various minor visual and internal tweaks and fixes

v0.4: - skipped -
v0.3: replaced the output trim with a +/-18 dB gain knob, new color scheme, more compact layout, internal optimizations
v0.22: implemented signal smoothing to prevent audible artifacts, that were especially apparent when adjusting the low frequency gain
v0.21: internal optimizations
v0.2: new bypass button, further finetuning of frequency response and gain settings, internal optimizations
v0.15: ensemble is now stereo
v0.1: initial release


Kimmo Kivelä
4 years ago
Nice. I wish Traktor had this.
Philippe Loiseau
4 years ago
well done !
4 years ago
Just to let y'all know: I'm already working on the next release based on the new features introduced in NUVO EQ v0.6. But as NUVO 2074 is intended to be a full fledged standalone EQ, I have a lot more in stock! :)
4 years ago
Thanks @Lewi. I'm glad you like it :)
Lewi Glenis
4 years ago
Nice job krabbencutter! Thank you for this.
4 years ago
Thanks a lot @ian :) !
ian ainslie
4 years ago
Sounds great in the mix. Thx!