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0.9a (Updated 3 years ago)
February 26, 2018
Reaktor 6
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Thanks to Michael O'Hagan who created the original Continuum Block (and everybody else who has worked on parts of it)
Thanks to Brett Lavallee who created the Fold Block (maybe Efflams work involved?)

A happy accident driven by the question: what will happen if i put a linear frequency shifter straight behind an OSC, feeding the OSC frequency into the F-input of the frequency shifter?


please explore the ENSEMBLE snapshots.


Thala Estra
3 years ago
yes, this should work on mac.
Justin Phillips
3 years ago
Does this work on mac? Just asking because it came packaged as a .rar file and I don't think mac has anything built in to decompress that format. If it should work on mac then I'll download something to decompress it.
michael o'hagan
3 years ago
This thing quality, and its a trip, the freq shifters acting like multi oscillators is nice. Could you do a video or something where you explain that sequencer though, it confuses me and I can't quite figure what everything is doing to program it right. Thanks.
3 years ago
The Matrix-Model Michael bring in set a precedent. Thanks Thala.
Brett Lavallee
3 years ago
A very well made instrument, thank you for sharing. I enjoy the slap bass sound! By the way, the wavefolder was taken out of the West Coast DWG Osc. I'm glad it came in handy!