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easy Drag&Drop, play along your Stereo Loops (Polyphonic)

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0.6 (Updated 3 years ago)
March 12, 2018
Reaktor 6
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You need to Start the Clock and play Midi-notes to get it going right.
You Need Reaktor 6.2.1 to run this

just a concept
tested only with 4 bar long loops, so far
please check out the 5 snapshots presenting the features and use your own samples
plucky/perc sounds works too
no modulations done yet, just a prove of concept
maybe it can be done in GRIP, but this is purely loop based and provides a more intiutive (instant synced loops) way to work with loops.
on top its all based on the new Reaktor 6 macros (wich are mostly "Blocks-Ready"), having mod inputs @SR already and so on.

Pick up the playhead position from something already existing (the super-smooth BeatLooper Playhead-position in this example) and use it on any other (Grain)sampler macro from the R6 macro library. the only thing you need is a modinput a la R6-Macro, or rebuild your own.
since i`ve used the mod input of the playposition to realise this, it should be easy swappable for other macros or even Blocks. so the grainsampler internally is basicly untouched :)
all calculations are done in one core, manipulating the beatloopers position or generating values for the Poly-RampOSCs in "songtempo"-mode.
this is a version interesting for builders, since it only contains the basic setup.
and for the sound pioneers ;)

have fun with a early draft.


Greg Killmaster
3 years ago
This is great and useful! Thank youThala!
Felix Petrescu
3 years ago
lovely! pls continue:) thanks.
Philippe Loiseau
3 years ago
I out whole tracks in it, with no prob until now. The side help panels are a very good idea for starting, make it quick. But project is feature rich, so I keep up... And "MERCI"
3 years ago
Mein Dank Mann!