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Mixate 1.0.1

8-Channel Mixer with 2 aux

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1.01 (Updated 1 month ago)
April 05, 2018
Reaktor 6
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Version 1.0.1 : if you click on Aux A / Aux B meters on the top right, the A / B returns are muted (with a short fade).

Based on MIX-4, Mixate is an 8-Channel mixer with two sends and two returns, with colored A view, blackish B view. Each channel has its send A and send B knobs, and there are Aux A and Aux B global returns. I did this because I was bored with daisy chaining MIX-4s.

Many thanks to Brett Lavallee's "Interface Pitfalls / Tips & Tricks" for help about moving objects (almost) safely in panels. Made with Reaktor 6.3.1 on MacOS.


Catman Dude
1 month ago
Thanks, Philippe!
1 month ago
Good idea, Philippe.
Claude S.
1 year ago
This is great! Maybe a smaller 3 channel version would be nice.. ahem... Just asking. :)
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
@commuter : yiour ouailecome
1 year ago
Merci ;-)
J E Montoro
1 year ago
Thanks dude !
1 year ago
Zhanks Philippe