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Twisted Debris Sampler MKIII

Twisted Tools Debris Sampler powered by euclidean sequencers

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0.99.3 (Updated 3 years ago)
June 16, 2018
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sampler


I am not a builder and not much of a tweaker but I made this as I thought it was a good idea. passing some time by

I've taken

Euclidean Sequencer by L A - Reaktor User Library
Debris Sampler by Igor Shilov - Twisted Tools
Circlz Granular Delay by Igor Shilov - Twisted Tools
Spacemaster 2
Grey Delay
White Grains - Orange Grains
Spectre Delay
Flatblaster 2

Hacked the Euclidean seq to one clock and put an LFO on the pitch. Pitch locked to notes 60-67. These are scenes A-G on the corresponding Debris Sampler.
8 euc seqs powering 8 Debris Samplers by Igor Shilav - Twisted Tools.

These are in two rows of 4. each row goes into a sub mixer which has 2 aux sends.
Spacemaster and Circlz.

The two sub mix groups go into a 2 channel to stereo out mixer.
This stereo out is split into 4 stereo out in a new mixer. These 4 signals are 1 dry and 3 processed giving a final stereo out with 4 processed signal from 1 drum pattern.

The mixers have eq and panning to give control to the mix.

The LFO controls the pitch wheel and cycles between notes 60-67. You will have to experiment with it so it does as you'd like. Leaving it on a sine wave between 8 bars to 2 bars speed, cycles between the scenes whereas a pulse wave with 0 pulse width will lock it to scene A. These rules seem to change with the speed of the euc clock.

May sound a bit random but it works well.

Load your own sample maps. Take a bit of time familiarising yourself with the layout of Debris and Circlz. Both quite straight forward.

Feel free to swap the fx for ones of your liking.

Hope you enjoy. I'm going to look at putting some free sample maps together and building snapshots in the future but right now i'm just going to use it.

Included are the various builds MKI , MKII and MKIII

The Ensembles i've used/hacked. Either by twisted tools or from the factory or user library.

It needs more work.

Main thanks goes to Igor Shilov - Twisted Tools, L A and the various fx ens builders.


alias maurice
3 years ago
The MKIII is being built. I've stripped it back to 8 Debris. This allows for the 8 stereo inputs of a daw to be used. Also I've learnt that vsts are processed 1 per core so loading 2 instances should run better. With help from a chap online I've got an LFO on the pitch of the euclidean seq. This automates between the scenes of the debris sampler. It's not perfect as the scene it chooses is based on the lfo speed. Which in turn is effected the euclidean seq speed. A truly glitched sequence. I want to have the initial pitch set by the euc so still some work to do.
alias maurice
3 years ago
Heres a short video of a test sequence. Auditiin fx now and look at that blasted LFO
alias maurice
3 years ago
In the processing of rebuilding. If anyone who can help with what i'd like to do wth this then feel free to get in touch. I'd like to add an LFO to the pitch encoder of the euclidean sequencers. Also the mixers have fx as send/returns. I'd like to put them in as straight inserts so they effect the whole signal chain and not a mixed signal/parallel processing.
alias maurice
3 years ago
Going to rebuild the MKII as I'm not happy with the fx chain.
alias maurice
3 years ago
Included is the euclidean version and midi version of the first build - 8 channel debris. newest build has expanded on my first idea. 4 debris in a sub group mixer with 2 aux sends x 4 these 4 sub groups are sent to another 4 channel mixer with 2 aux sends and a flatblaster in the final chain. Also two versions of this build. A euclidean and midi version. I've a few ideas to make it better. Putting an LFO on the pitch encoder for the euclidean sequencers so it can automate through scenes. As i'm using it if i decide on a better fx chain thats free to give away then i'll update it. LFO next Also its very heavy on the CPU. Mines clocking around 30% in standalone while in 11khz mode.
marco vicari
3 years ago
nice idea! thank you
alias maurice
3 years ago
Updated version Included in each debris is a full roland R8 sample map. I've reset all euclidean sequencers so it's a blank slate. I'll go through each Debris and build snapshots for each sampler and then the ensemble as a whole. If anyone is interested in doing this then feel free. I'm going to build different Samplemaps and look to add some fx in the chain also. Thanks to those curious enough to download. All real credit goes to Igor Shilav and L A.
alias maurice
3 years ago
,, @gregkillmaster I'll have another look at it. It may be down to the sample map. I'd like to get the R8 map working correctly build a load of preset kits so it's straight out the box
Greg Killmaster
3 years ago
Thanks Alias! Very cool once you get what its doing. I like the way this works and can use this! Thank you! One problem for me was to realize all the euclideans are muted in the beginning.
alias maurice
3 years ago
@gregkillmaster The euclidean version should run with either the internal clock, pressing play in standalone or with the clock of your daw. Add your own samples in each debris and you can create 8 scenes A-G. The scenes are triggered by either euclidean which has pitch set to 60-67. C3-G#3. There is a version without the euclidean sequencers and these are triggered by individual midi channel 1-8 Hope that helps.
Greg Killmaster
3 years ago
Thank you. How do you make this work as far as playing it?