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OP-Z Track Solo selector

Control OP-Z via midi CC to Solo/Mute tracks for recording.

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1.0 (Updated 2 years ago)
December 30, 2018
Reaktor 6
Instrument Other


Allow control over MIDI CC Message of Solo/Mute track.
Useful when recording your song in a DAW: you might want to record track per instrument for greater control while mastering.

OP-Z Track Solo selector use OP-Z ability to process midi CC messages 53 and 54 to mute tracks.

You can select which track you want to solo or mute.
You can select which mute behavior you want (midi+audio mute or audio mute only).
You can select if you want to hear only the selected track (solo) or mute the track and hear all other (mute).
You can limit the mute/solo behavior to instruments tracks only (tracks 1 to 8).

OP-Z has a per pattern mute configuration, to allow your solo/mute choices to be applied to each pattern, OP-Z Track Solo send midi CC messages each 1/4 bars.

- Configure OP-Z with following midi options: disable channel one to active, enable incoming midi, enable incoming midi clock, disable midi echo (cf OP-Z midi guide)

- Load OP-Z_Track_Solo_v1.0.ens in Reaktor6.
- Enable Reaktor6 virtual midi input.
- Enable OP-Z midi output in Reaktor6.
- Configure OP-Z Track Solo

- Configure your DAW to send midi clock to Reaktor6's virtual midi input
- You might want to enable LINK between your DAW and Reaktor6
- Record and enjoy !

- Due to the fact that OP-Z might have some delay in midi messages processing, you might hear first notes of muted tracks the first time a pattern is played.
I don't know how to fix that, but if you play all your patterns a first time in your desired mute/solo configuration, you won't hear that again.
- i tried to make it while loading reaktor as VST plugin, but failed, if you have a clue why, please leave a message.