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Cliffhanger 1.5

a sequenced mod of Capricorn

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1.5 (Updated 3 weeks ago)
January 05, 2019
Reaktor 6


Cliffhanger a mod of Capricorn (2008) by Jonathan Style

Pandom by Dieter Zobel
Rob by Native Instruments
basic snaps by Jonathan, Don & Paule
dc-offset filter by Don & Colin
automute @Snap# by Dietrich Pank
start the sequencer logo by Thala Estra
90° stereo circuit by Christopher Allinson
chord dispersion by Laureano López
fade on stop by Philippe Loiseau
midi remote 4 by Paule
brickwall limiter by Z Gabr
black switches by OreKore
bender by Paule

Don't forget to start the MIDI clock.


4 days ago
It's very easy: press the space bar
Philippe Loiseau
5 days ago
@shelby : start the clock
5 days ago
shelby, what sounds - it isn't a sampler
shelby wilson
5 days ago
sounds won't load
9 months ago
Bryan, made by Jonathan Style. He left Reaktor some years ago
Bryan Lake
9 months ago
Awesome sounding synth! I'm curious to know more about it!