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Behringer X-Touch Mini Panel

Control panel that interacts with the Behringer X-Touch Mini

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Mark Smart
1.0 (Updated 2 years ago)
June 20, 2019
Reaktor 6
Instrument Other


This control panel interacts with a Behringer X-Touch Mini, using its buttons, encoders, and slider to control the Reaktor panel elements. The panel elements then send MIDI back to the X-Touch to update its LED rings and illuminated buttons to the correct state. Moving the Reaktor controls or recalling a snapshot will update all the X-Touch Mini's LED indicators. It appears it is only possible to do this using "single" LED ring behavior mode.

On the illuminated pushbuttons, there is a slight delay before the button's LED updates. This was necessary to make sure Reaktor overwrites the X-Touch Mini's own internal LED ring indications, which don't match Reaktor and apparently cannot be turned off. Push the button and release it quickly or the LED will sometimes show the wrong value.

To use this ensemble, use the X-Touch editor to load the included file "ForReaktor.bin" into one layer of the X-Touch Mini. Set its global channel to 11.

Have fun using this panel to control your favorite Reaktor ensembles!

Mark Smart