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PCM Module

PCM Osc. with simple autotune for single-cycle waveforms

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1.0 (Updated 1 month ago)
August 30, 2019
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Drop a single-cycle wave form into the window to use it as an oscillator*.

- Adjust START and END points to find the right sound.

- Waveforms of 600 samples in length are tuned to C0 and can be pitched as required.

- Other sample lengths can be automatically tuned using the AUTO setting.

- Modulate the START and END points for timbre variation (in AUTO mode) and VIBRATO (in FREE mode).

- Includes a simple demo ensemble with a couple of snapshots, plus a few waveforms. More to follow as I use and build library :)

Credit to Michael Hetrick for the Stereo Looper from which this block was developed.

Also check out Adventure Kid for hundreds of 600-sample single-cycle waveforms... or make your own!

(PCM Oscillator Module was haphazardly cobbled together by Henry Bainbridge, some time in 2019).

* wild amounts of aliasing can occur, no idea how to solve that, but since I am using this mainly as a subtractive syth for basslines I am in no mad rush to resolve.


Henry Bainbridge
1 month ago
Thanks Nick! Haven't had time to look at TRK-01 properly yet, but love the concept of it. Yes go for it! I am new to modular stuff so I haven't really started to put together any interesting ensembles so it would be great to see some :) (BTW I am releasing version 1.1 soon with front-panel patching courtesy of Stephen Lemp's templates).
Nick Dwyer
1 month ago
Ah, Henry, what a relief. Now we can talk... love your module here and the bass end is fab. Reminds me of Trk-01 but more fun. I shall probably work it into an ensemble one day if you don't mind!
Henry Bainbridge
1 month ago
Agreed, thanks Nick, and whoever deleted those rants :)
Nick Dwyer
1 month ago
Can someone report this guy "oh ok" below? The first rant gets very offensive.