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4 voice synth fun

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1.0.1 (Updated 5 months ago)
September 08, 2019
Reaktor 6


Version 1.01: Fixed a slight tuning issue and small graphics fixes.

Hi all,

welcome to my first Reaktor build!

The idea of this actually started with me wanting to design a nice clean synth UI in Sketch as a little side project. But then I thought: Why not kill two birds with one stone and finally learn some ‘proper’ Reaktor :) So I read the manual, did the tutorials and made a list of things I thought I wanted in the synth.

The LS401 is a 4 voice subtractive synth with FM and inspired by synths like the Minilogue, System-1 and SH101 but I kept it quite limited on purpose to try and give it a bit of a unique flavour (and myself not too much of a hard time…). I think it’s good at bass sounds and weird sci-fi noises and it’s easy to make things sound very scruffy ’n lo-fi. Because of its relative simplicity it’s very easy on the cpu as well.

The included sound example is just the raw output of the synth. It has a simple chorus & delay built in.

There are no value indicators so you’ll have to use your ears. :p Both LFOs are free running and don’t retrigger so great for cascading modulations. Pitch mod is only a sine wave atm. That might change in a future version but I only really wanted it to make subtle warbly things so a sine seemed enough. :)

The randomizer cat next to the volume knob will give you a lot of noisy, wobbly things but starting from the INIT patch in the snapshots you can get quite musical stuff as well :)

I’ve included 60-ish snaps just to give an idea what I would do with this.

Hopefully the UI and layout speak for itself. Everything is colour coded with a clear signal path, but all controls have a tooltip as well. Enjoy!

Oh, and since this is my first finished ensemble there’s probably things that aren’t as peachy as they could be. Feel free to comment with any possible improvements/optimizations.

Big thank you to:

The Reaktor Primary manual for learning me the basics.
Oki Computer 2 for how to make the mod sliders
EZ Randomizer macro from the user library for the random seed gen.
The Reaktor community in general for the abundance of info available. You very much helped me overcome the severe lack of math skills I possess ^^


PS. If a. you like this ensemble
b. think I should do this more often
c. want to support me

my paypal: :)


Lennart Verhoeff
5 months ago
@Madge No problem! Glad it now works for you :) @Claude I'm actually working on something new somewhat inspired by the QPAS with dual pannable filters so you're definitely on to something :p Might have to look into it f :)
Claude S.
5 months ago
Now if only the OSC were able to be panned separately. I suggest this because recently, I got an Arturia Micro Freak, and found it's mono output so limited for such a forward thinking synth. You can do so much with a simple panning of one osc against another.
Madge Smith
5 months ago
Thanks so much for looking at this. I've tested it thoroughly and the master tuning is now working perfectly. Really glad you looked at this because this instrument is just so playable, it's insane - quite simple on the surface yet the sounds you get out of this are just lovely and really useable. Thanks again, I look forward to more in the future. ;)
Lennart Verhoeff
5 months ago
@Madge I slightly detuned the oscillators to 'fix' the issue. It was possible to manually finetune the oscillators for small corrections but it should be in tune with other instruments now from the get go. Cheers!
Lennart Verhoeff
5 months ago
@Madge I'm gonna look into it! I haven't tested the ensemble in a musical context, so it might be a mistake on my end which I completely missed..
Madge Smith
5 months ago
I really love the sound of this, but for me ever patch plays the wrong note. So, if I play an A, I don't get an A, but a slightly different note! I can't work out why this is happening with this ensemble and no others, even tried opening different instances of it and checking all my transpose options, but I still get the problem. Any ideas? I really want to use this some more, but this issue is preventing me right now.
Lennart Verhoeff
5 months ago
@Dirk Vielen Dank! My German isn't what it used to be, but 'Es freut mich sehr' that you like it and took the time to write a comment. I'm already planning my next ensemble :)
Dirk Wallinger
5 months ago
Da hat jemand noch viel Potenzial,für zukünftige Projekte! Ein sehr schöner Einstieg,in die Welt von Reaktor. :-)