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Breakbeat - GhostNotes V3

Add the "Magic" Ghostnotes to a simple Breakbeat-Pattern

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3.0 (Updated 11 months ago)
October 06, 2019
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Multi-Effect


Update 3.1:
Bugfix Stereo Output Original Sound Source

Update 3.0 :
More Magic, more Groove. Enjoy !

Ensembles uses multple filtered and sequenced Delays to add the magic in between subtile Ghost Notes often heard in common breakbeat loops.
Just create a Simple Breakbeat Pattern with a Kick, a Snare and 1/8 closed Hihats as a starting Point.

New in 2.0:
-Mix In for Use as Insert oder Send Effect
-Tambourine added
-Pitch and Accent Curves added


Philipp-Moritz Schneider
7 months ago
Philipp-Moritz Schneider
7 months ago
Hi Jonathan. You are right, swing is the correct word !
Jonathan Leonard
7 months ago
Hey Phillip! I think I read that paper too but it was swing ratios not shuffle? I'll try this with Dilithium...
Timothy Rogers
10 months ago
forget breakbeats. this is a fantastic little sound design tool, I have never come back to leave a review for an ensemble but felt compelled to with this. well done
Greg Killmaster
11 months ago
most excellent! Thank you!
martin jones
11 months ago
Brilliant, well done and thanks!
C R Watson
1 year ago
This is a magic effect indeed, thank you very much.
Philipp-Moritz Schneider
1 year ago
@Irene: It is designed as Insert Effect for a Drum Rack or a Loop-Sound
Irene Wiley
1 year ago
How does it work? I'm not getting any sound??
Philipp-Moritz Schneider
1 year ago
Odin: I know, me to, studying the Breaks for years and trying different Methods. Recently i read a science Paper about Jazz and Breaks and the Amount of Shuffle used. In conclusion, different Shuffle Ratios were used for snare , kick and hihats. Glad to hear that you have fun with this effect !
1 year ago
I swear I've been years trying to know what was making that effect everytime I listened to Jungle music from racing videogames. So simple yet so crutial... Thank you, really needed it.