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BMS - Binaural Meditation Stuff

binaural meditation stuff

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0.5 + 0.5b (incl midi pitch) (Updated 11 months ago)
October 21, 2019
Reaktor 6
Instrument Other


don't use this for your dancehall tracks...
this is made for meditation/relaxation/chakra-tuning/activating etc.

all snaps are made at 176khz
use it on highest sample rate to create samples or to enjoy the displays!
and trigger a note after changing snapshots to get OSCs in sync (if activated)

you will find 5 banks of snaps (Embedded tab)
incoming midi will trigger the LPG. depending on its setting it will act or not :P
midi pitch is NOT wired, since i wanted to create binaural drones.
ended up getting nice gong and bowl sounds beside the drones.
some snaps are just providing nice visuals. others sounds very well...

sounds are based on planetary measures/frequencies, chakra-frequencies, solfeggio and so on.
very raw design at this stage. sharing this version because there are a lot of nice snapshots, that may break in the future.

credits to NI for the LPG block and the rounds reverb and library macros.

Have fun and enjoy! its made for creating samples at this stage, but should work in your daw as well.

for best visual results activate the OSC sync button and hit a key on your midi keyboard after changing snapshots!

update 0.5:
added envelope
new frequencies
new osc2 mode
new center frequency mode
new snapshotbank (called something 0.5)
still a simple ensemble

added a version called 05b +midi pitch
not really happy yet, but thats a possibility to add pitch


Thala Estra
10 months ago
Hey Ariel, i got some of the frequencies from my Chakra Tuning Forks. other frequencies are collected from the internet (ebay professional tuning forks, healing bowls, solfeggio, etc). there are different methods of applying the binaural effect and everything further is just intuition (stupid ideas working out ok-ish) :D
Ariel Kenan
10 months ago
Amazing thanks. Where did you get all these frequencies/labels from? I thought binaural beating was supposed to be a different frequency in each stereo side. Why is there a mandatory pan LFO?
Petty Vendetta
11 months ago
So cool. We may have to sell our Braintap system
Greg Killmaster
11 months ago
Thank you Thala! This is so superb. I really love having the pitch option in there. Looking forward to spending time in there!
Thala Estra
11 months ago
hey blip, i have added some midi pitch in a second file.
Philippe Loiseau
11 months ago
even better, Olli
11 months ago
Thanks Thala , suppose i wanted to wire the midi pitch , then how can i do that and turn it into an instrument , double whammy ;)
Nick Dwyer
11 months ago
Really enjoying the serenity and fun of your instrument
12 months ago
I Feel like i choose
Thordur Arnarson
1 year ago
Thank you for sharing. Love it
Catman Dude
1 year ago
Fantastic and wonderfully serene-making. It works! So creative and inspired, I want to share this with my friends. As always, you come into things from unique and brilliant angles. Thank you... thank you...
Catman Dude
1 year ago
Hey, Thala, great to see you back building in Reaktorland! In case you read this, it may surprise you, but I'm a big fan of Beat LFO! Will download BMS on my MacPro tomorrow.
1 year ago
Olli, you'll need a very slow pitch like Tommy build for my 'Asia Touch'
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
Very nice droner-like (and more !), Thala. Thanks.
1 year ago
Use it after a hectic dancehall track :D