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MB - Tron BiPhasor

Bi Phasor inspared by the vintage MuTron

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1.13 (Updated 1 month ago)
December 06, 2019
Reaktor 6
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overall functionality scaled and fixed
-Sweep range 400Hz..12000Hz
-Generators rates 1Hz..18Hz
I have read the owners manual (link above) and made a block, its should have the same features but I am not sure you can call that emulation :)

nice article about phase shift effect from Mutron
by Fred Ridder & Michael Beigel

don't forget to enjoy!
updates history:
1.12 reported bug fixed
-removed unneeded duplications in the code
-smooth out the square shapes so that they produce less of a click
-fixed the lowest rates for the generators to be 1Hz
-feedback knobs are now also controlling the spreading of the notches
1.0 fixed small bug related to the LEDs. Instrument file is included
0.14 fixed functionality for the LED of Phasor 2
0.13 added two LED cycle detectors and Logo
0.12 added dry/wet mix fader


Moshe Banano
1 month ago
@Quinn Hanratty : no this is a regular block with Patch ports - its more like blocks base
Quinn Hanratty
1 month ago
does this work with "rack" blocks?
Moshe Banano
1 month ago
@Philippe Loiseau: I think its now no longer get stuck I have scaled down the range of the sweep (400..6000 instead ..8000) removed the ~CR22000K also got lose from the SR.C latch on the inputs. thanks for your report
Moshe Banano
1 month ago
yes I have try this with some sample and its looks like its got a bug when using the depth knobs with high feedback its kind of get stuck or something - the CR~22k may be the problem. I hope to find a fix for that soon.
Philippe Loiseau
1 month ago
Nice project ! I often have some high freq peaks (with guitar sounds), do you ?