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Twin Sisters: Stereo Filter

Stereo Multi-mode 8-pole Filter with 3 Modulations inputs

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December 17, 2019
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Effect Filter


This is the Filter section of the Twin Sisters synth ensemble that I previously made, converted to be true stereo! The filter is based on Vadim Zavalishin's 8-pole algorithm, with some personal modifications.

Great to put right before the master outputs for performance use, as a coloration tool or even as a master filter that can control two synth voices with one knob.

However extreme you go is up to you!


• A master volume knob with a brickwall limiter and a soft mute for safe use as a master effect.

• 2 cutoff modulation inputs (A and B) with bipolar intensity knobs.

• 1 modulation input for the resonance – also bipolar.

• Independent mode-switching for each channel.

• Comes in two iterations: DRK (Dark) and BRT (Bright) knobs.

• Should be BLOCKS friendly!

Known issue:

• I still can't figure out how to make those knob values go negative... if someone can enlighten me on this topic, I am all ears!

Again, let me know what you think and how I can improve this.


Laszlo Bolender
8 months ago
Hi István, thanks for the tip! I will investigate this further, I got side-tracked by other projects as of late. :-)
István Király
1 year ago
The text is displayed by a "Multi Text" module, to display negative values I would use a "Numeric Readout" for example. So you can set negative values, it's just not displayed ...