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lolologic RASP 2

Mono Synthesizer with Arpeggiator

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2.0 (Updated 8 months ago)
January 19, 2020
Reaktor 6


Fine Bass, Leads and other Sounds

Version 2 (16.02.2020)
- > 100 snapshots (more still coming)
- new UI
- now with an Arpeggiator and a programmable Sequencer


Sven Mehnert
4 months ago
Michael Morris
7 months ago
Sorry if im being daft but i cant see where to BPM sync with host? Great sounds, and i can always use a external sequencer but was just wondering if im missing something obvous. Thnx.
Frank Uhlmann
8 months ago
Thanks for all the nice comments. Michael Tambaro, actually I plan to release next a modular system in blocks, but this will take some time. You're right with the blue letters. The UI and the Sequencer (the ARP is fine for me) still need some rework. Maybe I release an ARP/SEQ standalone after that.
Michael Tambaro
8 months ago
Great update. Any chance the Arp / Seq section will be released as a standalone? I find the blue text on the dark background hard to read.
Phil Price
8 months ago
Sounds very 80s retro. and I mean that in a good way..
kevin halloran
8 months ago
the goods!
9 months ago
Saftig! Danke. 10/10
Bamdad Espahbod
9 months ago
another amazing work Frank!