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VHS Dry/Wet/Gate function

Updated with DRY/Wet.

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3.0 (Updated 12 months ago)
February 03, 2020
Reaktor 6
Effect Multi-Effect


Added a gate for the noise to follow the input signal (hated how the original just always played the noise sounds). And a general Dry/Wet for the FX Part.

This way i believe u have better control on how much u want to "Degrade" a sound.
It's not perfect but i hope it will help someone!

Shoutout to James Peck for the amazing work on the original VHS Plugin, and the gate is made by Wade Clarke.


Gabriel Meletis
18 hours ago
thank you so much!
6 months ago
Lifesaver, thank you!
Aurelious Christian
10 months ago
10/10 Thank you!
cecilia brown
11 months ago
Thanks very much.
11 months ago
P.S Is there any way of having a mix knob for the Mic Emulation?
11 months ago
Requested the Mix functionality some time back. Not complaining that he didn't get around to it, but very grateful that you did. Many thanks :)
Kimmo Kivelä
11 months ago
New version sounds * * * * better than old one, even I didn't get the new module working correct. Have to check it out.
Joseph Guisti
11 months ago
This is super helpful, I've been meaning to dust off my Reaktor skills and do the same exact mod. Thanks!
Bamdad Espahbod
11 months ago
may God bless your soul, though that's conditional on his existence and you having a soul anyhow amazing work ;-) and a gajillion thanks
Machtigen Salas
11 months ago
Best Tape Plugin out.