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Calc-U-Synth VR Poly

Polyphonic edit of Adam Hanley's ensemble

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1.0 (Updated 2 months ago)
March 18, 2020
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The synth is exactly the same but now it can take up to four voices. If you ever felt the need to lower the voices, say, to two, you can do it by going into the ensemble and changing the voices of the "poly note" instrument to anything 1-4. be careful, however, in mono mode notes tend to hang if you stop playback in your DAW, and sometimes other unforeseen things. I'd recommend you just use the original Calc-u -synth ens for your mono needs and this for your chippy chords. I included the original monophonic Calc-U-Synth in case you don't have it. If you do already have it, just delete the one included here.

One thing to be aware of with this synth is that when you turn up keyboard clicks, it clicks when you release the keys as well as when you press them. If you forget this, you'll end up with clicks at random spots if you don't pay attention to when you release the keys. You can actually hear these random clicks in the last song in the demo I included.

Description of the original ensemble here:
This instrument was designed to present the full capabilities of the VL-Tone’s programmable features in a more convenient interface, while still retaining the character of the original instrument.

Additional effects were added to give extra sound sculpting capabilities. A speaker simulator and sampled key-clicks add another level of lo-fi goodness.

Hope you enjoy!


2 months ago
Strangely it is almost inaudible...
Claude S.
2 months ago
Especially when I am home-bound, trying to wrap my head around rewiring the studio and watching way too much news... This is a beautiful surprise. Thank you!
2 months ago
Thanks Kenzo. VL-01 was my first musical instrument in the late '70th.
Philippe Loiseau
2 months ago
Thanks ! Good one
Kenzo Cervoni
2 months ago
By the way, the last song here is a cover of "Pixel Stars" by Andrew Huang in his album "TV and video games." Great song, I'd recommend giving it a listen. Here's the link if you do want to listen to it.