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Ratchety Twirly Drum Sequencer

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1.1 (Updated 1 year ago)
April 04, 2020
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sampler


Heres my latest drum machine creation, DREAMBOX, the fruit salad to DoomBox's blackjack.
Now Updated to 1.1 to solve some inconsistencies in the clock modulation (twist + twirl)

4 part drum sequencer and sampler. Each sequencer had a gate row and two aux rows that are routable as FX sends or parameter modulation. Theres also 4 ratchets, assignable per step and a couple of clock modulators called Twist and Twirl plus a start offset, swing and probability skip.

Anyhow, as always please let me know if there's anything you think I could do to improve this, or if I've left bugs in that completely break it like I did last time I uploaded something.

Also, credits to Orekore who I nicked the overdrive and knobs from , also I took the buttons from someones OB-X clone but I can't find it to give a credit.


Guillaume Richard
1 year ago
luvley ratchets!!!! thank you!:)
Michael Morris
1 year ago
This is fun and easy to use!! nice one!